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Battleship (2012)
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Great action, comedy alien invasion movie., 21 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was expecting some bad ass movie with lots of action and of course ALIENS. I watched all kinds of alien movie, from K-PAX to War of the worlds. K-PAX it's a drama movie, with intelligent story no battle and really well done. How ever as the name says BattleShip isn't a intelligent movie with a well written drama, it's movie with action and battles.

I enjoyed of how the aliens were not over powered with ultimate lasers and indestructible ships. I don't get why people want aliens to be always over power, this were the spies, they aren't strong, they are there just to watch the world and send the signal, as the guy from the movie says "If 4 can do this bad, imagine 500 000" of course they were only there to send a signal not to kill or destroy everyone. In this movie we don't see their army we see a bunch of workers doing their job and that's it.

There are a few things I didn't like in the movie for example the fact they can't handle sunlight. They were in a planet similar to our and they can't see the light? They are vampire aliens lol. The other thing I didn't like is that the aliens didn't make a good landing on earth.

Worth watching if you like this kind of movies. But if you watched Skyline this movie is THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE. You wont get disappointed.

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I liked the movie, but I dislike how people review it., 19 March 2011

OK I was reading the review and a lot of people complain about the unreality in the movie.It's an alien invasion, do you want it to be real?Have that ever happened to you compare to a real alien invasion. I went to see an alien invasion war movie, and that's exactly what I wanted to see, a lot of guns a lot of fights, a lot of traps. OK the soldiers have unlimited bullets, who cares, that what makes movie funnier. So back to the movie, I enjoyed the movie a lot of "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW" passed in my head in the movie, I was worried, was excited and that's what I wanted. This movie is only fight, no talking, no moral scenes, only or you kill or you die. If you want to see a war that means people and aliens dieing all the times, explosions, and traps this movie it's really good for you. If you want a moral movie, with realistic war, don't lose your time this movie it's not made for you.

I will give 8 out of 10 for 2 reasons. 1- The others characters are not well used, they are just there to watch the main guy. 2- Aliens start intelligent and end up dumb, didn't like that 2.

I saw what I wanted so deserves an 8.

Senna (2010)
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Its good and everything but could be way better., 14 November 2010

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It's sad to know that the movie has only 90 minutes, and even sadder that they critic the movie about politic and money and the movie itself it's politic and money created.Senna is a hero in japan, so 85% of the movie it's only about japan, there is just a few show of Brazil and some other parts of the world.So basically this movie were made for the Japanese to watch it.It shows his life, and his problem behind the scenes such as political as well as a money problem he had in the beginning.You will know much more about F1 than you knew, THE HISTORY BEHIND the races it's clearly opened in the movie.As I said before I liked it so I will give 8, but the fact the movie is just about japan really makes Brazilian as me mad.

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If you want to see torture violence and death you will get disappointed., 13 October 2010

If you are going to this movie just to see torture, violence, and people being killed in a war inside a city don't go.This movie is much better produced and more mature than the first.Here they show the main character (Capitão Nascimento) in a higher position.This movie explore more talking and negotiations than the first one.Not so many tortures.As I said this movie is more mature and make for you to THINK and not to see a bunch of people dieing.I really enjoyed it and it's for sure much better than the first one.10/10, I won't say much to don't give spoils.Go to this movie to see new characters, a completely new environment, with people showing you how works the things on the underworld of Rio, not the fake bad police in the first one but a new one ready to know how to dialogue.

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How to make you cry., 31 March 2010

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Honestly I went to see this movie thinking "just another animation that I probably won't pay attention and will sleep in the movie."Since my cousin really want to go I had to go with him.In the beginning of the movie nothing happened, I was getting bored and almost sleeping.But when the little kid met his dragon it all turned to be one of the best animation I've ever seen.The skies, the humor and the friendship, the love, and everything in this movie make it worth seeing.Seeing it in 3D will make the things even better, if you are thinking if you should watch it or not, stop thinking and go.

I will give it 10 of 10, specially because of the ending.The boy gives the dragon a new part of the tail, how ever in the end the dragon end up being a new part of the boy's leg.