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Magical Fun, though lacking the same Energy of its Predecessor,, 29 November 2015

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a great movie with a well developed storyline and a very talented cast. It's a magical adventure that takes us back to Hogwarts with Harry in his second year, with darker elements being explored, the history and landscape of the school is expanded from our very own eyes, we discover in this movie just how large and innovative this universe truly is. It's certainly not as enjoyable as its predecessor, the Philospher's Stone, was, though I like the darker themes, I felt as if it didn't gradually become more bleak, we went from the fun laid back atmosphere of the first movie, to a much more severe and complicated one here, I was disappointed with the lack of development from Hermione in this film, though Harry and Ron's character arch is further established fantastically here, Hermione isn't in it enough and her character is basically the exact same at the end of this as she was in the previous movie. There are plenty of great new characters here as well that further shows us what this universe is capable of, Dobby the House Elf, Lucius Malfoy and Gilderoy Lockhart, among many others, and terrific characters that are superbly portrayed by their actors, and they all add more depth to this amazing universe. Though it may be too dark at times and not quite as fun as its predecessor, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is still a great ride and fun for the whole family.

Strange events start to occur around Hogwarts and a mysterious voice haunt Harry's head, he must investigate these occurrences while in his second year of Hogwarts.

Best Performance: Daniel Radcliffe

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It's Better than the First part, but not much better,, 28 November 2015

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2 is a great movie with a well developed storyline and a terrific cast. It's a reasonably pleasing finale to the four part series, all of the character archs are wrapped up quite nicely, and there's some good twists throughout, even one that had me jumping off my seat. The chemistry between all the main cast members is still evident and it's sad to think this is the last film where we'll see them portraying these characters. Admittedly, I expected better, the first part of Mockingjay is very slow paced, but I could forgive it because I was expecting this to be an action packed, intense adventure, and it's a little underwhelming in the end, the story dosen't move around as quickly as it should, lingering on certain plot points for far too long, and the interest in Katniss's relationship between Gale and Peeta begins to ware thin. The best scenes in this movie are certainly Lawrence's confrontations with President Snow, played miraculously by Donald Sutherland, he's great in the other movies as well, but here he really gets to shine as the sinister, evil character he really is. My biggest problem is that they decided to break Mockingjay in to two parts in the first place, it may have worked out well for Harry Potter but that's because it felt like they genuinely wanted two movies to wrap up the story properly, here, however, it just feels like they did two movies to make more money, and because of that, instead of getting one outstanding finale to the series, we get two that are both disappointing sequels to its predecessors. It may be a bit underwhelming as a finale to the series, certainly not as good as Hunger Games or Catching Fire, but The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2 is still worth the watch because of its impressive special effects and terrific performances, and if you're a fan of the previous movies then I don't have to tell you to go see it, any fans of action should get a kick out of it.

Katniss must lead an army against President Snow as the destruction of other districts increases.

Best Performance: Jennifer Lawrence

A Truly Unique Subplot saves this Episode,, 24 November 2015

Puffless is a great Simpsons episode with a well written storyline and loads of very funny scenes. It's an enjoyable episode that nods back to several older seasons, bringing back Marge's mother, Patty and Selma's pet Jub-Jub, and even a Simpsons Movie reference which fans will be very pleased with. The weakest part of the episode was actually the main storyline, while a plot of Patty and Selma giving up smoking had potential, it simply didn't work out as well as it could have, the characters are too one-note to be able to hold the episode in lead roles, the main reason episodes like A Fish Called Selma or There's Something About Marrying worked is because there were several other characters involved, but just the two of them isn't enough, also the plot is poorly developed and has no resolution. Thankfully, this episode is saved by an outstanding side story that is clever and unique, as we see Maggie befriend a group of animals, eventually heading off on an adventure to save a possum, it's very fun and superbly animated, I liked seeing the show try something new and I'm perfectly fine with more side stories like this one, especially if they steal focus from a mediocre plot. Puffless easily could have been a mundane episode, but because of Maggie's triumphant side story it is great fun.

Patty and Selma decide to give up smoking, meanwhile, Maggie befriends a group of animals.

Fun while it lasts, but very Forgetful,, 24 November 2015

Monty Can't Buy Me Love is a good Simpsons episode with a well written storyline and some very funny scenes. It's an enjoyable episode as we see Mr. Burns take Homer on a journey, going through fierce extremes to become more popular to the public, Mr. Burns is always a great character to lead an episode, he's likable in the worst possible way, and that's exactly why he's such a beloved Simpsons character. The episode takes too long to get to the main storyline, and that is its biggest flaw, it spends too much time making jokes before it gets to the actual plot, and once we do get to Burns trying to find the Loch Ness Monster, it feels very rushed and thrown together. I felt this episode had potential to develop Mr. Burns more as a character and build on his personality, but sadly it never really takes advantage of that opportunity, Burns remains the same throughout, and any sort of development that is done to his character is completely contradicted at the end. While it's certainly one of the weakest episodes of the tenth season, Monty Can't Buy Me Love still has plenty of good moments.

Mr. Burns attempts to track down the Loch Ness Monster after learning he is not as loved by Springfield residents as he once thought.

Jumanji (1995)
Inspired Performances mostly make up for a Mediocre Screenplay,, 24 November 2015

Jumangi is a good movie with a reasonably well written storyline and a fantastic cast. It's an entertaining film that boasts a fun and unique storyline that the kids will certainly enjoy, even if the effects are outdated, and the performances can be appreciated by all ages, Robin Williams delivers a very dedicated performance, which shows how great of an actor he really is, he easily could have phoned it in for a film like this, but he refused, his scenes with Bonnie Hunt are the films highlight, their chemistry is outstanding and brought this film from a six to a seven for me. As far as the story goes, it's very mediocre, it moves too slowly for a while, and suddenly too much is happening all at once, it tends to drag on certain plot points and relies on bringing the characters back to the board game too frequently. The characters are poorly developed and none of them are a single bit relatable, the film gets too dedicated to its weird plot that it dosen't take the time to make the four main characters human, we are given very little information about their life before they discovered Jumangi, and because of that it makes their journey a lot less compelling. It's jam packed with flaws and kids will certainly enjoy it more than adults, but Jumangi still has this irresistible thing about it that makes it a lot of fun to watch, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good family film, for Robin Williams alone, it's worth the watch.

Two kids must finish a dangerous board game with the help of two adults in order to save the world from its destruction.

Best Performance: Robin Williams

A Straight Forward episode with No real Excitement,, 21 November 2015

Cue Detective is a decent Simpsons episode with a nicely written storyline and some funny scenes. It definitely has its moments, the kids being forced to watch Doctor Dolittle at the beginning had me in stitches because of how ridiculous it was, I also the enjoyed the True Detective parody at the end, and some of Homer's lines when he is depressed are shockingly deep and emotional. The plot is very thin, it never really goes anywhere, it focuses on the family needing a washing machine, followed by Homer getting a smoker, losing it, resolution, and that's basically it, it lingers far too long on several plot points. It's biggest issue is that it's just not very exciting, as you can probably tell from the storyline, the plot is basic and straight forward, it could have done something with the story to spice it up, as the Simpsons have successfully done with cliché story lines in the past, but this really just feels like filler for the season. It has some funny moments, but Cue Detective is a weak Simpsons episode mainly because it's not particularly interesting.

A super chef challenges Homer to a cook off after he becomes a hit around Springfield with his new cooker.

Fun, but had more Potential,, 21 November 2015

Multiplicity is a mediocre movie with a reasonably well written storyline and a great comedic cast. It has its moments, I certainly enjoyed seeing Michael Keaton struggle to manage a life with clones, seeing him communicate with himself was very funny and there are many parts that I found baffling to imagine how it was made. As a comedy, it has funny parts but not enough, it never really takes full advantage of it's fun and unique story, it could have used Doug's struggles with work and family to a larger comedic affect, there also could have been more clones, he only has three, despite the poster suggesting that the plot goes way out of hand, and that's the biggest problem, it never does. The film is far too predictable, once the clones arrive you can predict all the problems that await Doug from a mile away, there's is never any real sort of twist or unexpected moment that turns the entire plot on its head, it's simply too safe, and because of that we are left with a Michael Keaton starring, Harold Ramis directed, movie that lets you down. Though it has some funny moments, Multiplicity simply isn't good enough to recommend.

With him being under stress at both work and home, a man decides to clone himself without telling his wife.

Best Performance: Michael Keaton

Steve Jobs (2015)
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A Powerful, Engaging and Surprisingly Personal Biopic,, 17 November 2015

Steve Jobs is a fantastic movie with an extremely well developed storyline and an outstanding cast. It's a very powerful film as we follow the life of the creative mind that was Steve Jobs, creator and founder of Apple, it's not told in the same usual way that a biography is, in which we are taken through a persons entire life, here we are given three big events in Jobs career, the product launch of his three major creations, along the way we are given a lot of information on his personal life, and it is very engaging, as we see him communicate with family members, work colleagues and close friends, and it shows just how complicated and hard working this man really was. My only real issue with this movie is that it feels rushed, it has a two hour run, and if felt as if it wouldn't allow itself be any longer, a film about someone like Jobs could have easily been three hours, it felt a little vague on certain details in his life that many people watching this movie myth not have been aware of. The cast is superb and they all deserve a huge path on the back for their excellent work, Michael Fassbender took my breath away in the lead role, he never leaves the screen and you never want him to, Seth Rogen has never been better as he delivers a surprisingly breathtaking performance as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Kate Winslet is almost unrecogniseable as Joanna Hoffman and delivers some of her best acting in years, and Jeff Daniels blew my mind for his second time this year (followed by the Martian) as John Scully, they all deserve Oscar nominations as they truly became and embodied their roles, as does director Danny Boyle for making his best film yet. Huge praise is deserved for this well acted and superbly written film, it's emotional, breath taking and I would certainly watch it again, I would recommend Steve Jobs to anyone looking for a good drama or biography film.

We're taken inside the private life of Steve Jobs as he psychically and emotionally prepares for his three biggest product launches.

Best Performance: Michael Fassbender

Enjoyable, albeit Straight Forward,, 17 November 2015

Faith Off is a great Simpsons episode with a well written storyline and plenty of very funny scenes. It's a enjoyable episode that we get two very fun stories out of, such as Homer dealing with his life now that he has a bucket stuck on his head, followed by Bart discovering he has amazing healing powers. The episode takes forever to get to the main plot, which would be my biggest issue, though I liked Homer's parts at the beginning, it went on for two long and because of that the main plot ended up feeling very rushed and underdeveloped, it also tended to be too straight forward, there weren't really any unexpected turns throughout. My favourite moment of the episode had to be the musical number, certainly one of the longest ones they've ever had on the show, it's catchy, upbeat and very funny, always a pleasure to listen to. It's not a highlight for the eleventh season, but Faith Off has plenty of good moments that make it an enjoyable episode.

After solving a problem Homer had, Bart and the rest of Springfield are convinced he has healing powers.

An Uneccessary Sequel that lacks the Emotional Depth of its Predecessor,, 15 November 2015

The Inbetweeners 2 is a decent movie with a mediocre storyline, albeit a terrific comedic cast. It's certainly very funny and it's always a treat to see these four together again, as with any Inbetweeners episode or film, there are plenty of moments that will have you in absolute stitches, particularly any cringe worthy parts from Will. The sequel certainly dosen't live up to its predecessor, the end of the first Inbetweeners movie see's the four main characters grow and truly become men, but this film contradicts any of that established character arch and brings them back the same position they were in the television series, it simply felt like a unnecessary sequel that ruins the pitch perfect finale of the first one. A lot of the humour is immature and certainly not the clever, well written comedy that I've come to expect from the Inbetweeners, it's much less British, with jokes about child abuse, indigestion and self harm, it's much more tasteless than the series or the first film ever was. It's a disappointment, simple as that, if you are an Inbetweeners fans then you'll watch it, you will laugh a load, but you'll be left feeling unfulfilled, The Inbetweeners 2 has plenty of good moments, but it's a mediocre adventure, with little heart or plot, for this likable foursome.

While on a break from college, the gang head to Australia to visit Jay after hearing about his insane new lifestyle.

Best Performance: Simon Bird

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