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Better on stage, 3 January 2006

Why was Susan Stroman hired to direct the movie? Choreographer I could agree with. She's not Onna White (who did the stage and movie versions of The Music Man), but it's pretty good, and it's not like there's really anyone else. But director? I can only suppose that what they wanted was a movie of the stage musical and not a movie musical. As such, it works reasonably well, but I can't help but think longingly of how absolutely amazing this could have been as a movie. My Mom saw Chicago on Broadway with the original cast and absolutely loved the movie. That is the best example I know of a musical that is truly great on both stage and screen. As The Producers stands, I think the only people who will really like it are big theatre people, particularly those who've seen it on stage.

Fortunately, the good points are nearly as big as the great flaw. Nathan Lane and particularly Matthew Broderick take some time to warm up -- they don't hold a candle to Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel in the first office scene -- but once they do (a few minutes into hiring Roger), they're superb. I couldn't keep my eyes off Nathan Lane in "Betrayed". If he wins the Golden Globe and/or gets an Oscar nomination, it'll be for this scene. "'Til Him" was close second for the best done scene/song. Roger Bart and Gary Beach are fabulous and have a chemistry from the start that is sadly lacking between Broderick and Lane in the beginning.

Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell are much better than I expected. Thurman actually keeps her Swedish accent better when she's singing than Cady Huffman, who won a Tony for the Broadway show. Ferrell is completely believable as Franz Liebkind, the nutty Nazi. (Frankly, I was shocked. I wasn't under the impression that he could act.)

Overall, it's worth the £6 movie ticket, but I'd feel gypped if I'd payed any more. I'm afraid this must go into the category of Good Movies That Could Have Been Great If Only X. The actors and script deserve better, but that's life.

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Why this isn't on the top 250 list I will never understand., 19 December 2003

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This is without a doubt one of the best comedy films ever made. The acting is superb on all counts (Who /doesn't/ love Basil Rathbone as a villain?), the script is witty and quick, and all of the parts are cast perfectly. The psuedo-heroic song at the beginning is just perfect, from the defiant laughter at the beginning to Danny Kaye falling off the pyramid at the feet of the /real/ Black Fox at the end. The costumes are gorgeous and the fight choreography is truely stunning.

If you have not seen this movie, GO RENT IT FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!

Mulan (1998)
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One of the Best Disney films ever!, 18 October 2003

Yes, Beauty and the Beast was nominated for Best Picture, and The Lion King and The Little Mermaid won two Oscars each, but how many kid's movies from any company -- or country for that matter -- have such a great message?

I loved Mulan for the characters, the script, the voices (this is one of the few movies Eddie Murphey has done that isn't completely asinine)...basically, I love every part of it.

This movie has definitely earned its place in the pantheon of great Disney animated features, and not only for its box office success and general entertainment and discussion value, but for the innovations in computer animation that almost inevitably accompany a Disney animated movie. Remember the attack of the Huns/Mulan's avalanche scene? The Huns in the charge are completely computer animated, as is the snow in the avalanche.

True Lies (1994)
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Great all-round -- even the acting!, 11 September 2003

Lord knows I love Spider-Man, but in James Cameron's place I would have dropped it too!

The script is superb, the characters are believable, and Jamie Lee Curtis' and Tom Arnold's acting more than make up for Arnie's B- acting job.