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"Allegedly", "many people", "some say", gives it away.
19 May 2014
Allegedly, this is supposed to be a show about ufo's and aliens. All I seem to see every week is a show that proves things are so, because "some people say", "allegedly", "many think". That's the hard data were dealing with here. Almost plays like a Fox News disinformation operation. They also like to mix in "some truth" to prove the complete speculation from the so called experts. It's that old "it must be true because no one can prove it isn't!!! Narrated by the right wing/ NRA hack and shill John B. Wells. He was even too conservative for the right wing propaganda on coast to coast AM! Makes you wonder what the point of this show really is? I recommend looking deeper when you watch this nonsense! Find a better source for your UFO info......
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Flipped (I) (2010)
Holy voice over Batman
5 July 2011
Need I say more. This could have been a 3 or 4 star movie if they had shown more and told less. The voice over is so overdone, I was literally laughing at times, and the only other knock would be the 5 seconds they spend on showing you the mentally challenged uncle/brother that is a centerpiece of the story. Lets just say in the words of Robert Downey Jr. He went way past full retard. I have a mentally ill aunt and I've been around her and her fellow roommates at her home my whole life. They go from 0 to 100 on the stereotypical caricature of a mentally ill person. That made me laugh too, at how ridiculous that whole part of the movie was. They even have a pin-wheel in it for good measure, you see what i mean. Oh well, if you have the patience to put up with the constant voice over telling you what your seeing then you might want to check it out, but unfortunately it's there and its hard to call this a good movie. Rob Reiner should release a cut w/o the voice over.
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Too Big to Fail (2011 TV Movie)
Where is the real story?
8 June 2011
I liked this movie when I first saw it. Entertaining, great performances, and what I thought was a great explanation of the 2008 economic crisis. Then I watched the documentary "Inside Job" and learned the truth. Hank Paulson was not a hero. He started the house on fire to collect his money (deregulation) and then had to scramble to put it out when he realized he was going to burn with it. This movie makes him look like a hero for putting it out. By the way he collected a nice chunk of change by selling his stock with Goldman Sachs to become the Treasury Secretary (mandatory)before the crash. And don't get me wrong, he didn't do it all alone and in no way his he solely responsible, and i'm glad him and Geitner succeeded in keeping our world from falling apart, but this movie rings way too false after you watch the real story in "Inside Job". I won't speculate on Mr. Sorkins (writer) motives, but he and his co-writer are way off on telling the true story of what happened. I still appreciate the performances and direction, but it's like watching a lie now. Sorry, please watch Inside Job narrated by Matt Damon by the way, and see what you think!
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Quarantine (2008)
Seriously, I'm don't right reviews or feedback very often, but heed my warning! Quarantine yourself away from this crap, and never speak of it!
19 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Possible spoilers!!!!!!The movie itself may spoil you! The first 20 minutes will sucker you in, the next 10 make you think this could get good! Wait for it----then you waist the next however many are left getting mad, and wanting this thing to end. You feel like your infected. The characters never are able to figure out that the zombies will kill you if you approach them, yet this happens about 10 times in the movie. Apparently they have amnesia, as they approach the infected, "come on buddy come with me, it's gonna be OK". Seriously by the fifth time I heard a version of this, as the zombies attacked the person with the calming voice, I felt like I had never seen anything stupider in a movie. This is pretty much the whole last forty minutes. Please, please don't contribute to this movie by renting it, like I did!
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Birth (2004)
Watch it for yourself.
23 February 2006
This movie reminds me of a painting. The opening shot of the film is one of the best i've ever seen, and the emotion this film creates throughout if you open yourself, is something few movies can do. The story wasn't anything great, but the storytelling, WOW! The director manages to get the right amount of energy and tone from his actors without it becoming boring or melodramatic. Instead I believed what I was watching. The closest surreal experience I can compare this to is with something like the "Exorcist" or "Being There" or some aspects of "Wonder Boys." In other words the director/film makes you feel cold and confused at times, but never really loses you or me.
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