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great movie, 26 August 2013

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As an Iranian person , this movie could be nominated for Oskar academy next year! this movie shows us some emotional problems of young girls in this country!in other hand this movie product by a woman producer!it also a possible point of this movie!:) any way I recommend u 2 see this movie:) such a great movie:) and Sth else is good to add is that, rolling the Tanaz TabatabaE is really is a good point of this movie, she is my favorite actress:)there is a lightly future for her and also the producer Pooran Derekhshande:) I saw this movie at cinema just in a day ago, it affect so much to me! I don't want say my agreement hear for u at all but watching it can be useful!

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really best movie, 4 March 2012

4 all over the world:

I am an Iranian ,i love this movie,this is the best movie that i have seen B4! un4tunetly many politics men try 2 show this excellent movie as an bad movie in Iran BUT try 2 do not looking at this movie as an politics thinking!this is a nice movie and speaking about movie!no government or especial person makes it!its not 4 any body!separation speaks about a big culture in filming in Iran,love U Asqar Farhadi:*i love the playing Shahab Hoseiny(Hodjat) he is one of the best actor in the world,ill C the lightly future 4 this actor:) every thing in this film was excellent,this film won all of the important festival as an golden globe,Oscars,golden bear, and ...