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The Graves (2009)
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And the winner is.........., 24 March 2010

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Well does anybody know where i can find the maker of this movie i want to ask him if he can give me the hour and a half of my life back that was wasted watching this complete and utter trash. So that you don't have to waste your precious time i will explain the story to you. Two dumb ass girls visit an old gold mine in a weird town full of dubious looking people while on a road trip. When they arrive at the mine they get chased by a killer (i say chased basically they are running he is slowly walking but always only seems 2 steps behind). They kill the first man by stabbing him in the leg with what looks like a snorkel, amazingly he is dead within 1 minute and that's the end of him. They then stand outside the mine entrance waiting for a ride from another stranger in this town they know no one. Shock horror the person who stops to help is only in on the killings and is the brother of the man they just snorkeled to death. After about an hour of running round in a circle the girls kill the second man and get away. They drive to the town where they were advised to visit the mine only to get captured by the towns ppl. These girls really are having a bad day and just don't seem to getting a break. In the end these 2 girls end up killing the whole town by themselves. To sum this film up i would say it has a rubbish plot line, horrendous acting and the maker should be banned from anything to do with the movie industry for the rest of his life. I would however recommend this film if you are deaf and blind and have a spare hour and a half to waste. I think that it took me longer to write this summary of the film that it did to make it.