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A small list of movies that really keep you entertained from start to finish.

Not all are main stream or maybe overlooked..

If your like me and have seen just about everything try these...

These movies are known to most people but it's probably been to long since you've seen them, rediscover them!!!
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There are plenty missing in this list and it's not in any order, just my preference...

After I watch any-one of these movies on this list I end up wanting to watch them all....

Followed by Band of Brothers and The Pacific.
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I have decided to start a list, that i have found to be the most important reasons as to why i like and remember some movies over others... Some films on this list may not be overly great or even good, but the reasons as to why i have chosen them, is because they as a whole or in parts display perfect ambiance to what the Director may have been trying to achieve... Regardless of content, i find Ambiance to be the ultimate form of expression that keeps drawing me in! Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone else Know of any other movies they can suggest might include the Ambiance in which i search for?
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I have missed so many movies but i did so for a reason...

Most of the movies you watched as a kid are are mostly unwatchable nower days..

These few really have stood the test of time..