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My face hurts ....christers, 21 March 2010

This film had me laughing so hard my teeth hurt the next day.has great depth you have to be a little older to get the subtlety of the comedy.the 20 somethings didn't see all the humor until they watched it with us forty somethings and we laughed at things they did not see. .I am now a big fan of SEAN and his sister.The crazy character development and the Idea of collecting frozen food is whack but it works there is a few slow spots but very few. This is one I had to pause to go to the bathroom. This a good beer and cigar movie with the friends that have a since of humor. Certain people will not be able to figure this one out. It is multi levels of humor . I rewound it several times to read the magazine covers and to get dialog that i missed from laughing.