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Not bad but not good either..., 17 November 2012

I went to see HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET last night and didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. The story is dull and predictable and the acting isn't rocksolid!Jennifer Lawrence played her role well though, she "blows" everyone away in this movie BUT, on the other hand, and I don't want to sound too negative, this flick wasn't a very hard nut for her to crack!

The story ;

Elissa (Lawrence) moves into a new home together with her mom Sarah(Elisabeth Shue) and finds out that the son of a murdered couple, who lived next door, still lives in the house where his parents were killed. The surrounding neigbours complain about him and tell Elissa that the boy is bad news! She wants to find out herself though and steps into his life...

It's a not a very bad movie but skip the theatre and wait for it on bluray/DVD.

Kill Switch (2008) (V)
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Killshit, 17 August 2010

I've watched this movie last night and I didn't like it at all!

1)The acting by all the "actors" in this movie was BAD! 2)Steven Seagal and the rest of the cast seemed uninspired! 3)Steven Seagal spoke with a ridiculous accent! 4)Steven Seagals' voice was dubbed numerous times! 5)The fight scenes were chaotic! 6)A stunt double was used in most of the fight scenes! 7)The two "bad" guys were just as intimidating as my goldfish! 8)Steven Seagals' movies shouldn't contains love-scenes with him in it, it looks stupid and not credible. 9) The fight scenes contained repeated shots of the same punches/kicks and facial expressions of Seagal! 10)The ending of the movie made no sense at all! Did he cheat on his wife? Did he pretend to be his murdered twin brother?

...and I could go on and on...but I won't! KILLSWITCH is a waste of time and money...