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The Hit (1984)
The killers were almost perfect in the British film "The Hit"directed by Stephen Frears., 24 April 2015

There are various ways to describe the British film "The Hit". For many, it might be interpreted as a comedy film. Some viewers might think of it as a thriller film. There might also be viewers who might like to view it as a road movie. There could also be liberal views which could state that it is a fine as well as well balanced mix of all kinds of different genres. Making good use of picturesque locations found in Spain, director Stephen Frears has made a film about criminals and their desire to take revenge. It is at this juncture that viewers learn that a kidnapping and an act of killing have gone completely wrong. It is not only the British people in Spain who are ridiculed for the viewers. It is also the turn of Spanish side to face ridicule as its police force always comes to the scene of crime late. As a 'road movie' this film boasts of good views of rural Spain. Apart from fine performances by leading actor John Hurt, Terence Stamp and Tim Roth, there is a mellifluous soundtrack by Paco de Lucia. It is a good idea to popularize this film which is not so much known by many admirers of good quality British cinema in England and elsewhere.

A 'Tom Gries' western with Charles Bronson as an intelligent actor who thwarts all of his enemies' evil plans., 24 April 2015

American film 'Breakheart Pass' is a highly entertaining western film about the death defying adventures of some passengers on a moving train. It has been directed by Tom Gries who is best remembered by fans of westerns for one of his successful films "100 Rifles". The development of action superstar Charles Bronson as an actor is evident in his role as an intelligent man with a hidden agenda and a secret identity who uses all his cleverness to outsmart his enemies who are determined to get their demands met at all costs. For this role Charles Bronson had to either remain quiet to a large extent or speak whenever it was necessary. His intelligence gets revealed in his talks which is not at all appreciated by his opponents. The action elements are equally divided in "Breakheart Pass" as apart from vile acts of violence on a moving train, there are challenging fight sequences outside the train too which reveal the devilish treachery of some of the train's passengers. There are numerous elements of mystery too in this film which has been adapted for screen by bestselling novelist Alistair Maclean. 'Breakhart Pass' also starred actress Jill Ireland who played the role of the sole woman passenger on the ill fated train. Apart from magnificent actions scenes, Breakheart Pass features excellent views of rocky mountains.

A 'Lawrence Kasdan' film about people who find love after experiencing terrible losses in their lives., 24 April 2015

The death in a family is viewed as an irreparable loss which affects everybody.In such a case,it is a wrong decision for a couple to fight with each other and separate.It would be better if the couple stays together to support each other in times of crisis.It is on these lines that American director Lawrence Kasdan's film "The Accidental Tourist" informs viewers about how wrong choices are corrected by a solitary man when he meets a talkative woman who would like to move ahead in life with him and her son.Although the film is not based on an original screenplay nevertheless it is able to interest viewers as its tone is light.There are various little episodes in these two people's lives which make for an interesting viewing experience.Apart from the leading man who writes travel guides,there are also other people seeking love.It is this story development which gives "The Accidental Tourist" a different edge as it has been promoted as a sad film.

This 'Claude Sautet' film depicts that it is not so easy to find concrete solutions to a midlife crisis., 23 April 2015

French filmmaker Claude Sautet has been hailed as an important sociologist in the history of French cinema. Most of his films are about French middle class where he has painted it in its true colors. 'Vincent, François,Paul and the others' is an important film in his productive career. It combines elements of gaiety with those of midlife crisis. The overall tone of the film is light with occasional moments of problems which upset the well being of the protagonists. Much of the screen space is shared by these protagonists finding a solution to their personal problems which include problems related to money which has direct bearings on health, decision to participate in a boxing match against a tough rival or how to deal with their women. As these emotions are shown from a purely masculine perspective, presence of women characters has not been strongly developed. Actors Yves Montand, Michel Piccoli, Serge Reggiani and Gérard Depardieu add extra life in their roles are troubled individuals who are not at all afraid to reveal their true feelings. As their anger and frustrations are revealed with a bang, it would not be an understatement to say that they can be found in other places too albeit with somewhat different traits. Lastly, it is important to watch the manner in which everybody understand that solutions have to be found as life needs to be continued at all costs.

Amour (2012)
An accessible 'Michel Haneke' film with less focus on AMOUR / LOVE, 23 April 2015

Two important things need to be stated in order to give viewers a clear idea about 'Amour'. Firstly, it is not a fun film which some youngsters on a date or a married couple enjoying their weekend can easily watch neither in a cinema nor at home. Secondly, it is not so slow as some reviewers have stated. Its pace is similar to events of our daily lives which take their own expected amount of time. It is quite natural that various descriptions of this film would be made depending on a viewer's perspective about life. Some viewers would not hesitate in calling 'Amour' a documentary about old age. As the film is about old people, it is be able to give a nice idea about their behavior especially when they deal with their respective partners. It is with sadness one can observe how a patient man becomes violent when his wife starts to change her behavior. The impact of old age has been depicted without any superfluous embellishment. The best thing about 'Amour' is that it enables viewers to discover a completely different facet of Austrian director Michael Haneke's directorial abilities. This film is easy to understand as it has been made sans intellectual pretensions with which one has always made it a point to associate Michael Haneke.

An 'Andrew Bergman' film which suggests that it could happen to you only if you are a true human being !! Watch this film to know what this "it" is all about !!!!, 22 April 2015

American film "It could happen to you" has the ability to drain its viewers emotionally. It can be said that while watching this film, audiences are going to forge different love and hate relationships with this film's actors. Those who believe in goodness above everything else would love roles played by actors Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda. Those who place money above all human relationships would love actress Rosie Perez's character. However, most people would agree that due to her cacophonous voice, her character is reduced to that of an obnoxious woman who appears quite reprehensible on most occasions. Time and again, it is said that altruism and goodness have not yet disappeared from the hearts of human beings. This is depicted through the honest yet poignant portrayal of a kind cop who decides to share a lottery ticket with an ordinary waitress. One can sense that there is some kind of ethical code at work when he agrees to keep his promise despite some serious reservations from his wife. For a long time, audiences have associated Nicolas Cage with glamor and show business. This film reveals that he is an important actor too. He would continue to deliver another fine performance in 1999 when he would star in "Bringing out the dead"-a Martin Scorcese film about an ambulance paramedic.

Mr. Mom (1983)
Director-Stan Dragoti and his actors-Michael Keaton as well as Teri Garr tackle a serious subject in a funny manner., 22 April 2015

In today's world it is only rich people and filthy rich people who do not have to worry about a regular 9 to 5 job. They don't have any social obligation to work as they possess a lot of money in their bank accounts which can be spent any time without any problems. For everybody else who claims not to be rich, a job is the best thing to be had as it helps a person to move ahead in life. Nobody can do anything in life without a job as a job enables people to experience financial security. Keeping these issues in mind, American director Stan Dragoti directed Mr. Mom-a light yet serious look at how the loss of job has tremendous emotional impact on a happily married couple with children. Actor Michael Keaton gives an incredible performance as an out of work man who is compelled to stay at home in order to look after his children. His acting is so natural that one is led to believe that not all men are incompetent as far as looking after a house and children are concerned. There are also men who are extremely good at looking after children when their wives are out at work. Despite the equality of sexes, Mr.Mom suggests that a mother is the best person for parenting as young children do miss their mothers. The tone of this film is light yet it has not eschewed serious issues such as why people are fired ?, How does the advertising industry work ? and apart from watching soap operas on TV, what can an unemployed person do spend time in a leisurely manner ?

Breezy (1973)
If you admire Clint Eastwood as an actor then after watching "Breezy" your admiration for him as a director would see the light of the day., 22 April 2015

What was America like for a young woman in 1973 ? If this is the question on your mind then Breezy is the perfect film which can provide all the right answers. For those who claim to be experts, it needs to be told that its impact on American cinema is absolutely immense as it continues to be an honest reflection of the spirit of those 1970s carefree moments. What makes 'Breezy' important is that it is not known by many viewers even in USA. This has somewhat given it a kind of 'cult' film status. American actress Kay Lenz is absolutely perfect in her role as Breezy, a young woman who is not sure if she has found the right man in her life. It is remarkable to see how her 'happy go lucky' persona gets rid of many prevalent taboos namely an old man enjoying the company of a young lady as girl friend. While making Breezy, director Clint Eastwood proved that he is no Alfred Hitchcock by not appearing in a cameo role in his own film. However, Mr. Eastwood could not resist the temptation of paying a 'homage' to his own 'larger than life' personality by showing one of his films being played in a cinema where this film's actors go to watch a movie.

A 'Richard Fleischer' film which shows how even watermelons can get a raw deal. One cannot shoot a watermelon in Japan as it is an expensive fruit for that country, 22 April 2015

In recent times,it was in Taiwanese director Tsai Ming Liang's film "The Wayward Cloud" that viewers got to see a positive depiction of watermelons.It was a decade ago that watermelons became everybody's envy.At this stage,it is clear that eight out of ten viewers would tell that there wouldn't be much action in a film about a watermelon farmer.However,they are proved wrong as "Mr.Majestyk" is a rare action film which depicts the troubles a simple man gets for not agreeing to the wishes of some corrupt local men.Action superstar Charles Bronson plays the eponymous role which reveals more of his concern for fellow human beings than mere brawn. Violence is the last thing on his mind as he always tries to reason with bad guys.Director Richard Fleischer has crafted his film in such a manner that one can define what an ideal action film should be ? As 'Mr.Majestyk' has plenty of drama with occasional flashes of high voltage action,one can say that an ideal action film should have equal doses of action as well as drama.This is exactly what viewers get to see in this film.

Wild Tales (2014)
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Wild tales : A good collection of crazy stories by Argentine director Damián Szifron !!!!, 22 April 2015

Any viewer can have issues with a portmanteau film as there is no guarantee that all viewers are going to appreciate all the short stories depicted in a film. Wild tales is a good example of a portmanteau film with six tales which are more than merely being wild. These are the tales which are about situations which might have something in common with a lot of other countries and cultures. For example : everyday situations like corruption, traffic jams and road rage can be understood much better in Asian societies than some European countries. This is something which does not reduce the intrinsic nature of 'Relatos Salvajes' being an indigenous Argentine film. This is a positive quality about a film which has the ability to remain local while making attempts to make its presence felt on a global level. Most of this film's tales are based on the relationships shared by opposites which one finds in all societies namely rich versus poor, honest versus dishonest and strong versus weak. What is remarkable is that at least three stories have been able to deliver strong messages based on one of these opposites. This is the reason why 'wild tales' has fifty percent chances of being liked by viewers as its remaining three tales are not so powerful to impress viewers. Lastly, it is for an individual viewer to decide which three tales suit his/her tastes and personality.

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