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Calculation: (A*B)+[(C*10)*D] where A is Rotten Tomatoes score, B is the number of critics that critiqued the film in RT, C is the IMDb score and D is the number of voters in IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes critics= >200: 5, >100 & <200:4.5, >50 & <100:4, <50:3.5 IMDb Voters= >200k:5, 100-199k:4.5, 50-99k:4, 20-49k:3.5, 0-19k:3
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Calculation: R+(M/10)+I+(On/3)+(O/2)+(A/3) where R=Rotten Tomatoes average, M=Metacritic score, I=IMDb score, On=Oscar nominations, O=Oscars won, A=other awards won. This calculation which I would like to call "InclusiveAll Score (IA Score)" tries to include every possible measurement to build the most convincing ranking system.
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Where A is the average of critics, B is the IMDb score and C is the number of voters in IMDb.
Number of Voters in IMDb:
under 999=3
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