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Parents Be Aware, 31 October 2004

This is a movie of marionettes... string puppets. There is a graphic sex scene which would have required an X rating had they used live people. The two kids (approx. 11 - 13) sitting five seats away from me loved this scene.

Marionettes having sex... it gives new meaning to the phrase "kiddy porn."

Did you know that marionettes can vomit? They created a marionette for this movie that can vomit. They want to be sure you remember this technological innovation, so you get to see him vomit about 40 times.

Did you know that the way a young American can prove his dedication to the cause of freedom is to perform a homosexual act on the leader of Team America. The kids loved this too.

Sadly, this movie is the finest argument I have ever seen for repealing the First Amendment... and I am a firm believer in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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As near perfect as any movie I've seen., 17 March 2003

There are few movies I would call perfect in terms of script, photography, performance, and continuity. This is one of them. I have watched this film at least 8 times, and have seen something new in it every time.

This is based on a true story, and it is much more than a movie about parents demanding time, effort, and sacrifice of a child chess prodigy. This is about a seven-year-old boy who knows who he is, and resists adults attempts to make him into someone he is not. Max Pomeranc gives about the best performance I have ever seen by a child actor in the role of Joshua Waitzkin. Fortunately, Josh has a mother (played by Joan Allen) who recognizes Josh's innate goodness and protects him from those who want to change him. This movie is about a father (Joe Mangtegna) learning to respect and appreciate who his son is, instead of trying to make him into something he isn't.

I had seen the movie three times before I understood the title. The adults are searching for "the next Bobbie Fischer" (a television reporter in the film uses those words). Josh Waitzkin asserts to his teacher "I'm not him."

Watch this movie with your children!

Black Water Gold (1970) (TV)
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I'd like to see this on DVD, 16 March 2003

I saw "Black Water Gold" broadcast on TV when I was about 12 years old. I remember it being an exciting scuba-diving adventure. Over three decades later, the refrain of the theme song still runs through my mind now and then.

I was surprised to find that this movie has a page on IMDB. I found the page via actor Keir Dullea's page, when I was looking to see what movies he'd been in besides "2001:A Space Odyssey".

I'd love to see "Black Water Gold" again.