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That's entertainment?, 13 March 2010

I also have not read ANY of the books. I'm sure they're great. Having siad that, this "movie" was absolutely so dull and brutally stagnant I absolutely cannot believe it got distribution and people paid money to see it. I took my daughter to see the first movie, Twilight, in the theater. I wasn't expecting anything ground-breaking or spectacular, and I pretty much got what I expected - a tweenage love story with 2 dimensional characters and a thin plot line about teenage vampires and werewolves and how they deal with their issues while going to high school. Transylvania 90210 basically. New Moon, on the other hand, is a movie that looks like they took whatever was left on the cutting room floor and slapped it together and put a couple songs on top of it. The only redeeming quality of the film is the lush forest background. I am pretty sure there wasn't even a script. The actors just showed up on the set and improvised incomplete sentences - I swear to God that's what it felt like: Bella: "You cut your hair!" Jacob: "That's not all that's been going on..." Really? You mean that's not all that's been going on in the course of the school year with vampires and werewolves running around town? I'm on the edge of my seat... Did the head vampire guy get an oil change too? I can't stand the suspense. In all seriousness I commend Summit Entertainment on creating the "pet rock" of the decade and getting people to cough up good money to see... nothing. It's not a horror film because there's no suspense or horror. It's not a drama because there is no underlying tension or tangible conflict... no characters even raise their voices at each other... it's basically a LONG moving photograph of a few shirtless guys and a couple emo girls hanging out. Surely there was a crew member on the set of the film that went home after work and said to themselves "I can't believe I'm working on this. This is an embarrassment." I have never been so un-entertained in my life. If this is where movies are headed, I don't blame people for just staying at home and plugging into youtube for 2 hours instead. No plot, no commendable acting, no substance, and a sequel on the way. New Moon.