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Fame (1980)
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This film will live my DVD collection!, 12 October 2003

When this film was released, it was an apparent flop.

Someone decided, a few years later to make a TV series from it. I remember watching in the early 80s just after Top of the Pops on a Thursday...never missed an episode.

Then the film was released on video (to cash in on the success of the series) and I was sorely disappointed with it.

However a few years after the series left our screens, I watched the film again and it grew on me. It had a raw edge that the series was never allowed to have.

The characters in the film appeared to be rather more seedy (maybe gritty is a better description) than in the series (even the very innocent Bruno Martelli had more bite) and most importantly, the film introduced me to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (another film I thought was rubbish on first screening).

Now more than 20 years on, I have occasionally caught an episode of the series on satellite television and have now come to realise how crass it was...the film however is now a cult classic and has now been added to my DVD collection, wedged in between Grease & Saturday Night Fever (I might even add Flashdance & Footloose to this section one day).

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The end AND the beginning, 16 March 2003

I have just finished watching the final episode of Cold Feet. Suffice to say, and contrary to a certain teletext critic, it was perfect. The whole show has been a must from the pilot episode. When the series began, it was being hailed as the British "Friends" yet it became so much more in-depth and emotional. Never too many episodes were made therefore no feeling of being thinly spread out or watered down has ever been felt.

As the final episode finished, over on satellite, ITV2 started showing Cold Feet from Series 1 and it had a somewhat melancholy attribute to it since it's demise. I am looking forward to reliving all the moments again.

Let's hope that Jimmy Nesbitt becomes an even bigger star now the series is over - many of the other stars have had success elsewhere and I hope he has not already been typecast in the role.