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these are not the films, I objectively would say is the best, but just the ones, I for some reason love the most.
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In no particular order
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Alle på blu ray
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I have not seen all films in the world, so please, bring forward great High School themed films that aren't on my list.
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If you know other contemporary female film directors who might be worthy of a place on this list, please comment and I will take them into consideration. It is a shame that there isn't a bigger focus on female film directors in the world of cinema.
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... though it is not a compilation of the very finest films ever made by objective standards. Be honest, one cannot rank all the best films ever made objectively, since there are so many extremely wonderful films - at least i can't. And there are many of my favorite films i would never recommend to the casual viewer of films. These are kind of on safe ground, though still very artistic.
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This list is under progress... :)
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