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Not in any order, except for #'s 1 & 2 (all others past #'s 1 and 2 are not in order)
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Dream casting if Peter Jackson helms the A:TLA reboot (please leave your own character suggestions in the comments; this is simply my wishlist if Jackson is given the chance to do a reboot, which he should since he's capable of bringing massive worlds to life with his imagination and by filming in New Zealand). The list is also incomplete, due to the absence of certain characters.
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This is a constantly growing list. So, please, do not think this list is complete; i shall update it once every week
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Upcoming movies for 2012 to look out for
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Good to great movies based on video games
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A select few actresses that could play Dr. Kendra Daniels in the live-action film adaptation of the Dead Space video game. If anyone has any suggestions on who else could play her, please add a reply.
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A list of some of the greatest shows ever to hit television
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Some of the greatest films that must not be missed
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Different titles for films coming out in 2011 that are recommended to be checked out
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