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A fun and funny honest show, 15 February 2012

There seem to be many comparisons the Malcolm in the Middle with this show but other than a blue collar family I don't see it..where 'Malcolm' was loud and cruel 'The Middle' spares yelling and deception to show a simple family trying to be happy while making ends meet, keeping the kids focused in school, maintaining a marriage and keeping up with the neighbors. The cast is terrific with Patricia Heaton eschewing vanity as the middle class mom with a purple parka and sweaters from a discount department store and Neil Flynn as the manly laid back dad who would rather have a beer and watch TV. The kids are great with Eden Scher as the awkward daughter a standout, her work in this show is astounding, it makes you think she must really be like the character because no kid actor can be that good. The art direction/set decoration and costume design are so perfect and the situations the family faces each week seem real and honest. It is not hip, not 'ironic' and not flashy but not overly sentimental either...what it a good way to spend 1/2 hour.

Our Town (2003) (TV)
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Just Beautiful, 26 May 2003

In today's world of revivals and remakes being termed "reinventions" it's a pleasure to see a simple, standard production of a simple, standard play. No rewriting anything that may be offensive, no added music, no grand ideas to do it with overblown scenic, set dressing or prop design. Our Town well known to many since it is performed by school and community theatres around the country and most know the story of the small town of Grovers Cornder,NH at dawn of the 20th century. This production, filmed from the Broadway production earlier this season boasts an impressive cast-Paul Newman as the narrating Stage Manager is subtle yet commanding. Frank Converse,Jayne Atkinson, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Jane Curtin as the four parents show the love they have for their children. Broadway vets Stephen Spinella and Mia Dillon show us the good and bad in all the townfolk. Maggie Lacey and Ben Fox are wonderful as the grow and age as the young lovers. Light and dark come from each performer as they go through the paces of this old play.