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Legion (2010)
Absolutely Awful Film
7 March 2010
Words can not express just how DIRE, this film really is. It is a confused screenplay, messy plot, and very average special effects.

As the film started I actually thought that this could have been a modern zombie classic with hints of parody of other films. It was even funny, the grandmother scene is hilarious, as is the stretchy guy. If the film had carried on in this way, it could have salvaged itself. But no. The angel concept was badly considered, there was no explanation of the rational, and frankly if the best anyone's god can send to eradicate mankind is a swarm of flies, followed by a relatively small army of fairly useless zombies, then its no wonder mankind got itself so screwed up! The concept of the saviour child, is not explained, so everything seems relatively pointless. The premise for this film could have been an absolutely epic, apocalyptic feature with feuding angels, fire and brimstone, humanity brought to the edge of destruction, mammoth scenes of human zombie carnage. But No, it was this pile of dross, that was most probably funded by the catholic church in some vain attempt to make angels / religion "cool".

Don't waste your life on it. Don't wait for it to come out on DVD. The best thing about this film, was that the cinema we watched it in didn't treat us like criminals after having spent the best part of £20 on tickets.
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