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Great 80's cheese, 25 April 2003

Lily Tomlin has so many comedic talents. And they are all here in this film. Dry wit, dual roles (she's good at that), Ernestine the operator, Edith Ann, the little brat (in a deleted scene). Pure enjoyment. I remember seeing this as a kid. Now as an adult, I enjoy it again, being able to catch little pieces of the humor I never understood as a child. An adorable comedy is all this is. I read so many of these user comments and find too many people looking for some sort of message or spiritual enlightenment or an answer to the meaning of life. Get real. It's cute. Just enjoy it.

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Beautiful, 21 April 2003

This is one of the greatest films I have seen yet. I can watch it over and over and catch a new thing I missed the hundred times I had seen it before. I can watch it over and over and still bawl like a baby at the ending. And I don't cry at movies. It is so sad that this movie did not win any awards. It was nominated for several awards but no winners. Any movie that can take you through as many emotions as this one does deserves the oscar. It's funny, sad, dramatic, suspenseful (Celie gonna shaaaave MISTAH!), thought provoking, angry and touching. Don't rent it. BUY it.

Beautiful movie, 21 April 2003

Based on the previous review, I would like to say that not having taken the time to TRY and find so many indiscrepancies and weak points that I found this to be one of the most beautiful movies ever made. The cinematography was amazing, the actors and actresses WERE the characters, not vice versa. This film showed me all I needed to know about each character to fall in love with them. To feel what they felt, laugh when they laughed and cry when they cried. If there was anything lost in the timeline, it was explained in the narrative. The true sign of a good movie is when you are so into it that you are there with the characters. I was not in the theater, I was in Kenya.

More than just a slasher flick, 8 April 2003

Come on, slice and dice flicks are just that. But this is more than just a slice-and-dice flick. Not only does the killer in this film use a number of creative ways to kill her victims (as well as a number of creative ways to throw suspicion), but this movie has an actual story line. Because this movie jumps around in its time frames, it leaves you wondering: what happened when, and is what is happening happening now or in the past? At different points in the movie, they find you suspecting each character of being the killer - until each of them is killed off. Sure, when we find who the killer really is, it's a little far-fetched, but the story that led to the ending was a creative one.

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A great "circle of friends" movie, 29 March 2003

I loved it. But then you have to love this KIND of movie to enjoy it. It's not an epic motion picture, it isn't CGI laden, it's just a movie about people and the relationships and camaraderie they can form in spite of their vast differences. This is one of those movies where at least one of the characters is so you, someone you can really relate to. Sure it's not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

Ghost Ship (2002)
EEW!, 15 March 2003

OK, I am a fan of horror films. I am even a fan of blood and gore, but the opening sequence was a little too much, even for me. While it was very well done, it was a little too well done for my tastes. Had I not been in the theater with a friend, I might have gotten up and left before the opening played itself out. But instead, I stood it out, only to discover that it just went from one extreme to another. Extremely BORING. The only one really cool scene that no one ever seems to talk about is the scene where the eroded ballroom actually restored itself to new condition. Fascinating cinematography.