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A true classic
10 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
How do you even review a movie that you grew up with, without being fully nostalgic? Without having a bias towards it because you know it so well?

I don't think you can, which is partly why I love this movie. It's completely wonderful and charming, but the fact that it brings up such nostalgic feelings, and I can recite every line, make it nearly perfect.

The evil queen is so, well, evil! She is so evil, she is willing to make herself the ugliest old hag around in order to kill poor, sweet Snow White!

Snow White, on the other hand, is the sweetest and most gentle young girl (she is only 14, you know). She wouldn't hurt a fly!

And, of course, the dwarfs are the humor in the story. Grumpy is my favorite!

All in all, this movie is truly a 10. Walt Disney was an absolute genius!
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Surprisingly Great
10 May 2013
I'm so amazed that this movie doesn't have incredible reviews! Sure, in the 90's, Disney was not at it's best. But, as far as Disney movies from the 90's go, this is amazing!

The music is what makes the movie so wonderful, and totally worth watching! "Hellfire" is so beautiful, yet haunting.

This is (obviously) not true to the book. It's Disney! Of course it's much, much happier than the book ever was. The book is, without question, way better (though, I'm not sure that needed to even be said). Disney's Hunchback is still great.

Quasimodo is charming and lovable, Esmeralda is sassy but sweet, and Frolo is delightfully evil. There is absolutely no loving the guy- 100% to-the-bone evil.

There are certainly better Disney movies (Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp top my list), but this is quite underrated, and really rather good. Definitely worth a watch- as long as you don't expect it to be true to the book! Enjoy it for what it is.
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Pleasantville (1998)
How could someone NOT like this movie?
13 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Pleasantville is a beautiful coming of age story.

Jennifer (Mary-Sue, in Pleasantville) and her brother David (Bud) both have a lot of growing up to do in their own ways. After being sucked into Pleasantville, so to speak, they both open a whole, big world to the members of Pleasantville. Starting with Skip, who's Mary-Sue's love interest. She opened his world to the wonders of sex. I have read many reviews about this movie saying it's just all pro pre-marital sex. Not even close to what this movie is about!!

It's about discovering the beauty that out not-so-perfect world has to offer.

I love that the people in this movie discover themselves sexually, artistically and intellectually. Even rain is a beautiful thing.

Bud even gets the Mayor to see the emotion that is inside of him all the time.

I cry at this movie every time- of course, I cry at a lot of movies. I am in love with how creative, beautiful and deep this movie truly, truly is.
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