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Ranking from worst to best.
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Ranking from worst to best.
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Well, "summer" isn't right exactly. This list actually starts with movies that I saw for the first time beginning in April 2014, going until what will probably be the end of July. How many of these have you seen?
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I'll edit this later to make it a top 10 list or something, but for right now, these are the films of 2013 that I've seen so far. It'll grow, believe me.
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This was formerly a top ten list. And then I published the list, and then I saw another 2012 movie that I decided to put at number one. So now, this is just a list of the movies I saw in 2012. Enjoy!
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The twenty-five movies that changed the way I watch and make movies.

In backwards order: #1 is actually my twenty-fifth favorite, while #25 is actually #1. Hope that makes sense.
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In 1998, the American Film Institute released a list of the top one hundred greatest American films, as voted on by more than 1500 people working in the film industry (whoever they are). About ten years later, they re-released a list with a few changes, a few movies taken off and replaced with other ones. I remember reading both these lists in 2007, when I was about to start getting serious about my passion for filmmaking, and because of this, I wanted to be able to see all these movies and figure out what makes a great movie.

Some of these movies I had seen already. Most of them, I had never heard of. But most of them weren’t very age-appropriate for me at the time, and so I spent about five years finding these movies wherever I could and figuring out what I liked and didn’t. And this summer, I finally finished seeing every movie on the list. But just so I don’t forget what I saw, I wanted to write down some notes about each one that made them stand out to me. So if you really want to read it, here are my opinions on the top 100 (or 123) greatest American films according to the AFI lists.
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My favorite movies of 2009. Most of the descriptions were all written in January 2010.
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My ten favorite movies of the year. Descriptions written in January 2012.
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My ten favorite movies of the year. Most of the descriptions were written in January 2011.