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A list of directors whose movies i have seen at least 2 or more of. This list is mathematically sequenced.
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No movie is perfect but it takes a great movie to get a 9 from me and an even better one to get a 10. In no particular order. My full movie voting history:
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My order for the Potter films, IMHHO. Of course they are all amazing.
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MY picks for this year Golden Globes.
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The Globes are tomorrow so here are my picks. *EDIT* 13/25 overall and 7/10 in major movie categories, i did better than last year.
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It's that time of year again, awards are in the air. The nominations are out so here are my predictions.
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I am prepared for epic backlash, so bring it.
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Its fairly early so this is purely a guessing game based on plot and early hype.
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Seeing as how i have not seen any of the movies this list is based purely on speculation.
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My picks for who I believe should win the Oscars. On a side note: The Social Network wins Best Picture. Toy Story 3 wins Best Animated Movie. Biutiful wins Best Foreign Film. Gasland wins Best Documentary. Sun Come Up wins Best Short Documentary. The Lost Thing wins Best Animated Short. Wish 143 wins Best Live Action Short.
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Who I believe should win the Golden Globes. I want to mix it up from my Oscar list so I'm not going to pick any of the same people. On a side note: Inception wins Best Picture Drama. Red wins Best Picture Musical or Comedy. How To Train Your Dragon wins Best Animated Movie. I Am Love wins Best Foreign Film. The Walking Dead wins Best TV Show Drama. The Big Bang Theory wins Best TV Show Comedy or Musical. The Pacific wins Best TV Movie or Mini Series.