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Mostly thanks to comic con, I've met a few. The bands/artists I've met are mostly due to just being at their show at the right time/having the right connections or just by chance.
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This is my attempt at rounding up every actor/actress who has portrayed a superhero. Only superheros/sidekicks count for now, not villains unless they started off as a hero and made a villainous turn. The list is huge and extensive and I'm probably missing quite a few so I'm more than willing to take comment suggestions at whoever I have missed. I'm also not sure whether or not to include TV movies or straight to DVD films yet, and I have not yet including TV series actors besides George Reeves and Adam West because both their series' got larger TV specials or movies. So again please tell me who I am missing. I will add TV series' later on.
Additionally, this list was tough to organize because I did it in chronological order of film release dates. I may remake the list with better organization, maybe organized by series
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I find it harder to get into TV shows than most people, but these shows hooked me in and, to me, are out standing.
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In 2009, I discovered my love for going to the movie theatre more frequently than ever. In 2010, I saw many films, and in 2011, many more. 2011 was a year in which film helped me through some hard times. In 2012, My dad and I held a contest to see who could go to more films in theatres. It was neck and neck for a while, but I eventually came out on top with a stellar 189. We said that we would slow down for 2013 and not go as frequently, but that didn't really happen. Let's see what 2014 has to offer us!
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2014 seems to have a lot of movies based on properties I grew up with :)
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Won't be near as much as 2012...but will still be a lot.
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My theatre does alot of special events, special re-showings of old films. Among them are: The Great Digital Film Festival. Family Favourites Saturdays, Classic Film Series, Great Digital Film Festival's Monthly Favourites, and I think they're now doing Monday favourites too. Also this will include the newly popular 3D re-releases
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I'm not listing movies that are totally violent just for the sake of it, moreso the movies in which the good guys get total kick ass revenge or vengeance or just win an awesome bloody battle. I also love violence in a shock/comedy way like Piranha. I'm not so much a fan of horror, but I will include the Final Destination movies and Cabin in the Woods for their entertainment value.
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I don't know if there's a particular genre for these charming, sad and heartwarming movies, but I've discovered I like a lot of them so here's a list. This also includes movies that weren't so indie (Seeking a Friend, 50/50, Zoo, Wallflower, Curve) but have the same sort of feel.
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In 1982 my Dad saw 92 movies in theatres in one year. This year he not only broke that record but doubled it, and I tried to stay ahead of him and got to 189. Doubles count, specials count, and there were alot of special theatre showings of older movies this year.
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Ordered by release date, except the Avengers because I preferred that being the one people see before they click on this
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In Order From Best to Worst
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good and bad, amazing and lame. It's in alphabetical order
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The absolute crap, the detestable garbage I have seen
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I can't put these in order, I like these all too much. The only thing I can do is put two tied at the top, Armageddon and Toy Story 3 are tied for my favourite ever
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I used to be able to say I've never cried to a movie, until my best friend showed me A Walk to Remember at 3 in the morning one New Year's. Since then I have cried at many more, or gotten these weird emotional shivers I can't really explain. the first two are in order, after that they aren't really
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This list is straight from Wikipedia, I just like to list it here to get a visual of the movie covers, and I put them all in the year of release and did not add sequels or spinoffs that were not based off Stephen King's work such as Carrie 2 or Creepshow 3
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how I decide I would date an actress after watching and liking them in movies is watching their interview videos and seeing what they're like for real
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Girls I find super attractive and cute and sweet, not really in any order. Singers included as well as the actresses. more and more will be added, suggestions are welcome but not likely to be taken, I have a "type" that I can't explain
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we all know that Pixar is the best. Here is the look at some other great animated films. Includes Claymation
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includes a 2010 movie and several re-releases from specials my theatre does
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All my favourite first sequels to movies. And no I am not claiming to like these better than the original, I am comparing these to other 2nd movies and saying which ones I like best
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The kind of movie that is, well what my title says
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In my grade 12 psychology class we have watched tons of movies and I don't really know if my list is in the right order of when we watched them but most of the movies have to do with mental health issues