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This movie was a complete waste of my time, 18 March 2010

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I am just fortunate that I didn't pay to see New Moon and that my friend paid for me to see this. But after New Moon, I will never trust this certain friend to pick a movie after hearing how "good" this awful piece of trash was. The plot was practically the same as Twilight, but with more brooding than the first. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner both couldn't have acted any more wooden than they did here. There was no excitement, no action, but a lot of talking and expositional dialogue. This movie was a failure on every level and Stephanie Meyer should be ashamed of the way her wonderful books are being translated to film. I will never watch another Twilight movie again, as I would appreciate not having those precious 2 hours of my life wasted when I could be watching paint dry and be more excited.

Avoid at all costs. Spend your money on the book or a picture of Taylor Lautner.