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"The View" (1997)
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Still Lovin' it, 6 August 2003

The View is still a good women's talk show. There's still the latest news, makeup tips, new products, vacation stuff, living stuff, and celebrities.

Sure, there have been some changes in the View. For instance, no more Lisa Ling. She was alright, but they're doing fine without her. The guest co-hosts that take her place on a daily basis don't seem to be too opinionated, they could do without them. Also, Barbara Walters is rarely on anymore, I wish she'd be on more often.

The other co-hosts, who are on everyday, Meredith, Star & Joy are doing great. Joy brings humor to the show; Star brings divaism; and Meredith, with no exact gimmick, completes the show.

All in all, the View is still a great show. And remember, "Take a little time to enjoy the View."

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Great, 31 July 2003

This movie could be classified into different genres - suspense, romance & thriller. Not many films can say that, or if they can, many do not succeed. Conspiracy Theory, however, did.

The first time I saw this, I was on the edge of my seat. It was very suspensful. I won't go into details if you haven't seen it, but it's really one of the best suspense films I've seen.

This wasn't a completely romantic film, no. In fact, I wish it would've touched on the romance more than it did. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts had great chemistry. Although nothing really happened between them, the audience could clearly see Jerry's (Mel Gibson)love for Alice (Julia Roberts.)

Now, the plot. Jerry Fletcher has many wild conspiracy theories - including one that NASA is trying to kill the President with earthquakes. He's a cabbie & tells lots of people his ideas. But the one person he seems to tell the most to and thinks can help him is Alice Sutton, an attorney. He saved her months before the movie takes place when she was mugged. He seems to get on her nerves, but she puts up with him. He goes to her office all the time. He's obviously in love with her, but she doesn't feel the same way. Well, somehow "they" (CIA, FBI, you know "they") find out about Jerry's crazy conspiracies & they go after him. He and Alice are in danger.

The acting in this movie was terrific. This may be Mel's best. His portrayal of a crazy cabbie was so good and believable. It's not really like any other role he has played. He did it so well & the audience sympathized with him completely. Julia was good too. Her role wasn't really difficult to play, but she made it believably nevertheless. Patrick Stewart also stars in this. He made a great bad guy.

Overall, this movie was great. It was very suspensful & the acting was outstanding.

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Wonderful, 13 March 2003

This movie was great. It was funny, romantic, had an interesting concept, great music, and of coarse, Mel Gibson.

There are a lot of funny lines in this movie. They were unexpected & witty the first time I saw it, laughable. Now that I've seen it several times, they are still amusing and I frequently quote them.

The romance in this movie comes mostly from the charms of Mel Gibson.

The concept - a man can hear what women think. Now that's an interesting idea! "If I could only get him to listen to what I think!" a thought all women have. Well, Nick Marshall receives this "gift" but what will he do with it? Watch to see!

The music is great. It really gave the movie a romantic essence and a good feel.

Mel's acting, as well as everyone else in the cast's, was very good. Bette Midler has an uncredited role which is a good highlight.

If you haven't seen What Women Want, SEE IT NOW! And if you have, see it again. Its even better 2nd time around.