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Masterpiece, 19 July 2007

I also enjoyed the game, not only because of great music, graphic and challenges. But also because of great authenticity of the Atlantis mythology.

Before I've played the game, I've read a lot of books about Atlantis Myth - and the most hypothesis, most themes and motives were used by the designers of this game: the menhirs, Carnac, even Caves of Santorini and Shambala... Everywhere, in ever corner you can see the various allusions and references.

Really great concept and excellent competence of the authors.

The visual effects were - for that time - really nice, even for PCs without graphic cards. Smooth animations and animated panoramas made the experience very "realistic". It was great production of Cryo Interactive. Unfortunately even great quality and cultural backgrounds of each games were not so public-attractive. Indeed, there wasn't so many action in their games. So the mainstream gamers don't really liked the Cryo productions, and the "underground" gamers were too few to support Cryo... Alas.

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Beautiful movie, 21 January 2005

There are some movies that stay for eternity in your heart. This is kind of such moves - half-musical, giving your hope, with most beautiful film music I have ever heard. What a pity, this movie is so little known.

The movie is made in times of perestroika's beginning - the whole Soviet world was waiting for something new and fresh. This movie has its freshness, but this freshness is also actual for our days.

Check it out - you'll be really happy to know that move, I bet!

Sometimes, if I have depression or stress, I sing to myself the optimistic song from this movie "Wind of Changes".

This is really warm and wise song, that let you feel the essence of your life. I cannot really describe the feelings, you get while of watching this movie.

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Soft images and hard experience, 29 November 2004

This film is one of those piece of art, which leaves in consciousness for the whole life. In a strange alienated world there are a hidden "Hotel Venus", harbouring some strange human beings. They are alone, but want to break a distance to each other.

The movie was filmed in Vladivostok, but this is NOT a film about Vladivostok. This is an existential parable. It has soft images, but it affects the subconsciousness with strong emotional power.

The soundtrack is also great, but it has some suspicious similarities with Boris Grebenshchekov (Russian music band "Akvarium"). I hope, this is not a plagiarism, but a variation of his theme.

And, of course, Kusanagi-san is really great. I think, this is one of the best Japanese movies of this year.