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"Touch" (2012)
Could have been so much more....., 28 September 2013

The series starts season 1 with a really interesting concept about connection throughout the globe. That everything is interconnected somehow and even the smallest acts (either good or bad) can change someone else's life. This concept is used for the first couple of episodes where we also get a glimpse of an overall arc (like many series do). So for the rest of the season we have some standalone episodes and then some arc episodes. The second season on the other hand has no standalone episodes but focuses on the arc story of the series maybe in a slow manner at times.

Although the series is well thought, what destroyed it (in my opinion) is the huge lack of balance between the two seasons. What could have been done would be that the two season to be one season of 20 episodes (cutting down from the 26 of both seasons). It would include all the story of the two seasons with all the action of the main story arc equally incorporated with the extra stories of the standalone episodes......pity....the second season had more action but just killed the show....

"Fringe" (2008)
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Watch It In Its Entirety And Then Judge...., 28 April 2010

Been watching the reviews for the show for some time now and I have to say that most people are confused. Confused on how a series is reviewed. When we speak about a sitcom comedy, by just watching one or two episodes it is fairly easy to judge the quality. But when trying to analyze a series like X-Files, Lost, Fringe and so many other, one has to watch the whole bunch of arc episodes in order to have an objective opinion. yes the science portrayed every week may be a little too much but... X-Files (which I also loved) was about aliens.... So....we believe in aliens but cannot comprehend that there may be science beyond our imagination???? As for the characters, and especially for Anna Torv.......her acting (the way see looks in the first episodes - like cold and aloof) it's just the way things should be in the beginning......then she is a cold-hearted FBI agent and that is what she shows us.......everyone who cared enough to watch all the episodes till now will see how she has changed as a character (and how well acted that character is by Anna Torv - I had never seen her before). Most of the reviews here are based on the first 3 or 4's a whole story that has to be said.....go through the first season and see then what your reactions will be... Yet the series is not without problems, but it will get better and better. Most of the arc episodes are thrilling and most of the rest episodes are full of mad science (got to love it). The production values are sky-high...

So always keep in mind what you're judging and give it the appropriate time...