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75 Films to watch out for in 2013.
A list I'd been compiling since last January.

-Aju Elias
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this list is quite obvious and predictable..possible contenders for the 10 nominees.
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A list of movies releasing in 2012, that you shouldn't miss.
The ranking is based on the popularity of the franchise(if it is -the success of its prequel or sequel),expected critical acclaim and of course by considering the cast and crew involved, in front of and behind the screen.

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An elite list of 50 actors,whom I consider,as the best..

Well after I got my first suggn..thought of adding this line.."this is my personal opinion :)
Surely..i might hav some more performances to catch-up.."

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Here's a list I made,of actors who are going to be the most reliable and the ones who are going to rule the screens for years to come in Hollywood.(considering actors aged 40 and below presently)

[OF COURSE I'M NOT SAYING THAT THE VETERANS IN HOLLYWOOD ARE NOT RELIABLE....this list is just my prediction on the casting for lead roles(to portray young or mid-aged characters) in the coming decade]

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Here's my list of some of the anticipated movies of 2011(mid-March to year end).

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My predictions...

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