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A good thriller
2 February 2014
I expected very little from my admission ticket. And I must say that I was happily surprised to find an old fashioned action thriller with a good cast and lots of great moments. It is a throw-back to the 80's, that's for sure. Minimal CGI and a plot that holds together. it is reminiscent of films like DAY OF THE JACKEL, Russia HOUSE and the early Tom Clancy's. Don't want to give away plots twists or story points that demand a spoiler alert. The only minor quibble is that Chris Pine is a bit light weight as Jack Ryan. The rest of the cast is fine with Kevin Costner giving a performance that makes you recall why he has always been a fascinating actor. Do wish Kiera K. would get her teeth fixed. Pretty girl but oh those choppers are a shame.
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Better than the over-rated play.
9 January 2014
I actually enjoyed this movie version better than the way over-praised stage play it is based on. Saw the play at the National Theatre with most of the original New York cast and found it obvious and sit-com my. Oddly the film which by the way has lost all the laughs the play engendered, presents a much more serious and grim portrait. Meryl the magnificent is not so magnificent in this though she at times grasps the inner feeling of the mother. Unfortunately, she also tends to go way over the top a few too many times. Julia Roberts has been directed in a more angry and vindictive manner than the original Tony winning actress I saw on stage. I always love Julia but this is not her most pleasant role. The humor has been left on the stage and not made its way to the screen. At least the film avoids the glib, "oh, look at me, I am so clever" feeling of the play.
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Blue Jasmine (2013)
Watered down version of STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE
2 October 2013
This film is a sad disappointment. Woody Allen has seemed to put all his energies into Cate Blanchett's performance and forgotten there are other cast members floundering. It recalls the days when he tried something like this in ALICE with Mia farrow. Also very similar to his period when he was trying to be the American Inmar Bergman. remember he did all those dull and tragic films in Black and white. Somber and slow features with stars like Maureen Stapleton. It is a shame this is considering his best work in years especially since we had the brilliant MIDNIGHT IN Paris. I can't recommend this film as it left me cold with Cate as Blanche Dubois, Sally Hawkins as Stella and Bobby Canavalli as Stanly.
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Southland (2009–2013)
The best cop show in history of television
3 April 2013
Thank God, this show has a spot here on Englih TV. It is one of the fastest moving, personal and thrilling shows on TV at the moment. The cast is superlative and the back stories on theses folk keep you glued to the screen. Bravo to all involved and keep up the good work. Can't wait for season 5. This show has more to offer than THE WIRE did for me. It has few rivals for its grittiness and honesty. Perhaps the closest show which ticks all the boxes is JUSTIFIED. That is also a show to be proud of. They are the only two series I buy for my personal collection of dvds. Great television comes along more often than it once did and SOUTHLAND is certainly great.
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I saw this film in America when it was called "Notorious Gentleman"
25 January 2013
It is never an easy thing to watch a cad and bounder on film for 2 hours and come away feeling satisfied. But his film manages to do that because of it's wit and wonderful cast. Harrison is superb and Lili Palmer is at her very best. I had not seen this for 65 years and yet I remember it as though it was last week. One very odd goof in the film takes place in a car with Rex being driven by the character Jenny. He opens the door to get out before the car stops. He exits while the scenery goes whizzing by. One might expect to see him in a heap on the sidewalk. All in all, a lovely film with nice light touches and some very serious drama. GOOD SHOW
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A classic overlooked comedy
20 October 2012
One of my favorite films of the 40's. This mild mannered comedy western hits all the right notes. One might have imagined it made by Bob Hope and a Paramount lovely like Gail Russell or Diana Lynn. But instead it sneaks under the radar with a minor cast of Eddie Albert and Gale Storm who both deliver their best ever film performances. I can't prise this highly enough. It is a must see film for movie lovers. You will thank me. I recall seeing this in 1948 and thinking at the time how good it was and why didn't it make more of an impact. There are just certain films that time treats kindly and this is one of them. Small films that stay with you like THE GREAT DAN PATCH, THE LUCKY STIFF, OUT OF THE BLUE and IVY.
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The Newsroom (2012–2014)
The greatest since WEST WING
13 July 2012
Where can I begin? It is only the best television since West Wing, it is the best Television available to the public. The far right critics should be ashamed for such biased comments. Well, you tossers just don't get it. Sorkin is king and I am lighting candles that this show is on for as least 12 seasons. The cast is brilliant beyond words. Can'r wait to buy the DVD series one. The pilot episode is so wonderful I have watched it 3 times. Bravo to Alison Pill and Dav Petel. It is bad enough that Harry's Law was canceled because it appealed to an older audience. Must we dumb down to enjoy television these days? If you don't fall into the 18 to 49 category, the networks ignore you.
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The Tall T (1957)
Too close to SEVEN MEN FROM NOW and not as good
29 June 2012
I looked forward to seeing this film in the pantheon of the Scott-Boetticher films. I had so much enjoyed SEVEN MEN FROM NOW and anxiously awaited my viewing of this. Not to be a nitpicker but Scott looks less interested and the supporting cast other than Richard Boone who is fine lets the film down a bit. I think the presence of Gail Russell and Lee Marvin in MEN tips the scales. Also it has the same plot contrivance of traveling lady with a weak husband that works so much better in the SEVEN MEN film. Maureen O Sullivan's performance is almost out of the silent film era. She is way over the top in a few scenes. This film is not bad by any means and holds your interest but just doesn't quite measure up to standards.
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Westbound (1959)
Scott-Boetticher weaker entry
29 June 2012
Sadly, this is an ordinary western so unlike the sterling SEVEN MEN FROM NOW. So many of the stories have a familiar classic ring to them so it really comes down to how well then are preformed. This entry in the Scott-Boetticher cycle is poorly performed by the supporting cast. Unlike "SEVEN MEN" with the brilliant Lee Marvin and also the wonderful Gail Russell, this oater lets us down by the stars. Also the script doesn't have the dynamic of their other films. The love feelings or sometime love affairs of Scott with his leading ladies in these films is a key to the total enjoyment. Unfortunately, this film has little of heartfelt emotion that Russell and Scott provided in "SEVEN MEN"
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Harry's Law (2011–2012)
NBC keep this one. It is a winner
6 February 2012
The first season of HARRY'S LAW had me from the first episode. I was a sold viewer. First of all Kathy Bates is so watchable and the show has a typical, maybe a little too typical David Kelly feel to it. Kelly sometimes reworks his old characters like Denny Crane into the new Tommy played well by Chris MacDonald. The first season was excellent and now come season two (thank heavens) and we have many cast changes and a whole new feel to the series. I am not 100 per cent sure it was for the better but the the 3 episode arc with Jean Smart and Alfred Molina was superb. Please bring back Jean Smart. She is dynamite as always. Just pray NBC is patient with this series. Some have called it old hat but there is room for good comfortable TV series like this one.
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