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A Really Lame Zombie Movie, 27 March 2015

I accidentally discovered "Dead Rising" on YouTube where there are these edited together game footage "movies" that are quite impressive. I don't know if these editors are connected with the game company that owns "Dead Rising" but if they aren't they should be hired because they did a far better job than the people behind this live action "Dead Rising" movie put out by Crackle.

The whole "Dead Rising: Watchtower" movie was an endurance test. Really a bad movie and what I don't understand is why these film makers don't watch source material like George Romero's movies and all of the Italian zombie rip-offs made during the eighties for ideas. It's like they just watched The Walking Dead and tried to guess what made that show successful and came out with this generic paint-by-the-numbers lame zombie movie.

This movie failed not only the "Dead Rising" game fans but "The Walking Dead" fans who will surely be watching this movie to get their zombie apocalypse fix during the season hiatus of "The Walking Dead".

This movie was a waste of my time.

Forbidden Tales (2001) (V)
"Couples Only" Erotic Fare., 24 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The cover of the DVD box looked so promising. There is Tera Patrick in some kind of body armor with her generous cleavage showing. She carries a mystical looking sword and in the background a dragon is spitting out flames making the hilt of the sword look like a flaming torch.

On the back cover of the DVD package are various scenes with her in costume and different shots of castles and dragons. "Forbidden Tales" looks like Heavy Metal Magazine married with pornography. But when we actually pop in the DVD and watch the video we are subjected to Tera Patrick as some kind of android with a metallic hand and forearm who is telling some CGI created character who is apparently an invalid stories with a fantasy bent.

The concept was great but the execution was lacking. The stories were pretty much brief set ups for different erotic encounters with Tera Patrick in almost all the scenes. I also found myself wondering who the audience for this was supposed to be. Certainly not male viewers who like to see men with a variety of women and not one woman with a variety of men. Especially pretty boys. At best "Forbidden Tales" would have a "couples appeal" which really means that it is pretty lame pornography that is tamed down for the female sensibility of the couple.

I also thought that Tera Patrick, despite her astonishing beauty, is pretty lame as a sex performer.

I have not seen her in anything else but if this particular video demonstrates her talent I'd have to say she is pretty over rated.


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"Lolani" (1:2), 13 February 2014

First I should say that I'm delighted that there are these fan made productions determined to closely follow the retro look and feel of the original Star Trek series. I was really impressed with the first episode of Star Trek Continues and was expecting the same level on this second episode "Lolani".

I have to confess that I was somewhat disappointed with this particular episode. The main issue being some of the casting decisions and the acting.

My main issue is Todd Haberkorn as Mr. Spock. I do not know what his ethnic heritage is but it does not come across right with that of a Vulcan. Leonard Nimoy has a certain look and so far the PHASE II and the JJ Abrams reboot series has done a casting decision that works for Mr. Spock.

The second issue that I really noticed in this particular episode is how irritating I found the character of Dr. Elise McKenna and the acting style of the actress who plays her Michelle Specht.

The character of Dr. Elise McKenna and most of her dialogue really should have been the dialogue of Dr. McCoy. In fact more so in this episode because of the regional Earth origin of Dr. McCoy's ancestors. A real opportunity was lost there with him not contributing any comment to the situation Lolani was in.

I'd also add that Uhura, with her African heritage not given any input into Lolani was even more of a lost opportunity.

Other than the casting and acting decisions the retro look and sound of the episode was spot on and worked quite well.

I applaud the efforts made here and hope the series will improve with each new episode. Actually I'm confident it will.

Nightfall (1999) (V)
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Worthy Troma Catalog Addition, 17 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember during the nineties there was an alternative B-movie film scene and all these shot on video productions were being released on VHS with some pretty impressive package design. NIGHTFALL apparently was one of them.

Truth be told, this was not a bad movie. A detective loses his partner to a vampire and teams up with another detective team to find the head vampire responsible. Pretty standard plot and okay acting.

The surprise was the resources available. Production design, costumes, make up effects and such were surprisingly decent compared with other films from this alternative B-movie scene. A few thousand dollars more toward filming on actually film and this might have gotten a larger audience .

I see this movie and many others like them have been picked up by Troma and released on their DVD label. While not up to the production value of Troma's in house production, NIGHTFALL is a worthy addition.

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'The Suicide King' (3:9), 15 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The second episode I've seen. I understand it is a cult favorite and I respect that. Here is my take: This series appears to be very feminine influenced and not in a good way. There is a point where "character driven" and "relationship focused" goes too far over the line and becomes a "soap opera". I don't like soap operas, I like horror television series.

I don't understand how a genre started by George Romero and fine tuned by Lucio Fulci suddenly transformed into Judith Krantz and Danielle Steele with walking dead people as window dressing , but I suspect it has much to do with a greedy network grabbing for a female demographic and throwing the male demographic under the bus.

I seriously doubt most of the males watching this have much patience with all the soap opera-ish talking head dialog going on and on, with an occasional zombie thrown in to create the illusion that this is a horror television series and not a chick show.

Two decaying dead thumbs down!

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Impressive Production Design...Weak Writing and Acting, 20 November 2011

Production Design was really impressive! In fact, in some ways superior than those used in "Star Wars: A New Hope".

My only real issue was the really bad acting by the lead actress. It was just too apparent that she knew she was in front of a camera and was basically posing.

Actually, there didn't seem to be much of a story here and so I found myself dozing off, a really bad sign that the movie didn't have much to offer.

I also want to be fair and say that I saw this right after watching "Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi" and so it was probably unfairly contrasted with the official canon.

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Episode Didn't Date Well, 4 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just saw this episode after a period of years. It concerns an immortal who has taken it upon herself to kill any potential dictator before they come to power . She does this to redeem herself for failing to kill Adolf Hitler when she had had a chance to do so. Duncan MacLeod attempts to stop her.

Okay, my initial thoughts while watching this episode was how badly it has dated. I can't exactly put my finder on it, but I think the culprit is the television format itself. There just is no time to develop these characters and bond with any of them.

Another thing, in light of the vicious be headings by Arab Terrorists of innocent civilians and seeing this streamed from obscure Internet websites, I just can not look at the obligatory sword fight at the end of each "Highlander" episode the same way anymore. Duncan MacLeod, and the other immortals, are serial murderers. There is just no way around it!

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Far Worse Than I Remember It!, 15 September 2011

I had seen "The Supernaturals" the year it was released as part of a triple feature at a Times Square grind house and thought for a top billing movie it was pretty bad.

I've been pointedly watching a lot of eighties movies that I missed and ones that I saw and decided to watch again. For the most part, I had been pleasantly surprised to discover many of the awful eighties movies I'd re-watched were better than I had recalled them. "The Supernaturals" is not one of these.

Avoid this turkey and save your time with something else. This movie is just badly done and not at all in a "so bad, it's good" way. You've been warned!

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A Film About Hollywood Insiders Made For Hollywood Insiders, 6 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hollywood is a culture of extreme narcissism. A film exploring the Hollywood culture of extreme narcissism is going to produce a movie about characters who are extremely narcissistic. Now, hopefully this was done deliberately, in which case "What Just Happened" is a work of genius and honesty. If the filmmakers are not aware that most of America do not like characters like the ones in this movie, then it is just another demonstration of Hollywood's culture of narcissism.

I was trying to figure out why I felt so defensive watching this movie and it was more than just the self-absorbed characters. "What Just Happened" is a movie about Hollywood insiders made for the enjoyment of Hollywood insiders. No effort at all was made to let outsiders in on the joke. At a dinner party this would be rather rude! One could get much of the humor, but only if they scoured the industry media such as "Variety" and "The Hollywood Reporter ". Other than that, the average viewer is completely out of the loop! I could not bring myself to like one single character in this movie.

The worst part is that movies like this, at the least, usually show Los Angeles as one of the characters and the director failed at that because the camera was too busy focusing on all these annoying self-absorbed characters. Unless you're a Hollywood insider or are ambitious to make it into Hollywood film industry circles and want to know how Hollywood ticks, avoid this movie. It is just not entertaining.

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Somewhat Sanitized, 11 August 2010

"Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story" was decent enough. I think if I saw this during the eighties, I'd have appreciated it more. I do remember seeing a lot of homeless in my city and the consensus was that Ronald Reagan had much to do with it. It's amazing that President Reagan's name or likeness wasn't seen or spoken once in the entire television movie! But the real issue was how none of the very real sanitary problems of the homeless wasn't addressed at all. Not everyone is insensitive to the homeless blight, but when the stench of lack of showers or toiletries makes any kind of affinity extremely difficult, how can one blame the public? I wanted to like this movie, but it struck me as just a little too hokey for my tastes. (7 out of 10)

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