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This is a list of movies who may have the same title, but you DEFINITELY don't want to get them mixed up.
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These are, in my opinion, the worst movie sequels and/or spin-offs ever made. This does NOT include movies where the FIRST one was bad and they kept going (e.g. Camp Rock)
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I watched a lot of movies as a little kid, but these are the films that have the most nostalgic effect on me.
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Some movies are just so bad or so over-the-top that they are funny, even though they weren't meant to be. This list DOES NOT include movies in which the humor is on purpose, even though they might not necessarily be comedies (e.g. 'The Evil Dead', 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space').
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There are plenty of shows for kids that are done very well. Some of them are even entertaining enough for adults to enjoy them. But some are just awful; and I mean AWFUL. In no particular order, I compiled a list of some of the all-time dumbest.
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If you take your comedy black, this list gives you the best of the best.

NOTE: Only films that are INTENTIONALLY humorous will be listed. Films such as 'The Wicker Man' (2006) or 'Jack Frost' (1997) will not be included, but can be found on my "Unintentionally Funny" list.
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Lots of movie remakes just aren't any good. Here, I have compiled a list of the ones I think are actually pretty good, in no particular order.
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In no particular order, this is a list of some of the best directors to helm the horror genre.
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The era of film that spanned from sometime in the 50's through the late 70's or early 80's could be considered a "golden age" of film. Many great cinematic performers first rose to fame during this time, and this is the list of those with which I have the highest regard (in no particular order).
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These, in my opinion, are most beautiful ladies in showbiz (in no particular order).
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I love spoof movies, probably more than any other comedy sub-genre. Of course, every parody is a hit-or-miss. These, in my opinion, are some the hits.
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This is just a list of actors who aren't necessarily A-listers, but just make any movie better simply by being in it.