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For the Transformers movie fans, 28 June 2014

You know what you are getting into when you buy a Transformers movie ticket. And nobody goes to watch Transformers expecting an award-winning story or screenplay. Don't know why the critics are crying about.

Michael Bay loves to create cities getting devastated and as an action movie buff, I love such spectacles and if you are one I'm sure you would love that too. Nobody ain't doing this better than Bay.

Awesome SFX with mind-blowing action sequences, kinda a clichéd storyline, deafening sound effects, widespread mayhem and epic one- liners from Optimus Prime and Hound. If you are a Transformers fan, then you just got more of the fun. Else you might be in for a headache plus its a bit longer than the previous installments.

The upgrade here – u got Mark Wahlberg instead of a screaming kid. & the city under target this time is Hong Kong.

Star Wars (1977)
Star Wars - Turned a non-believer into a believer of the Force., 24 April 2014

Always thought the Star Wars as an over-the-top space opera with too many laser shots flying, with colored fluorescent swords (read "Lightsabers") and funny looking aliens involved. But after finishing all the major movie series, a random thought to experience the Star Wars series came in, after being exposed to all the hype and fan craze around the saga over the years.

To say - I made a mistake of missing this series all along or was it a good thing for keeping one of the best for now. It is an absolutely impressive movie which sets up an epic series, with good SFX considering a movie made in 1977. The movie is just not about Visual FX, but has a strong story line with equivalent good screenplay and introduces you to characters - Luke, Han, Leia, C-3PO, R2D2, Obi-wan and one of the most legendary antagonists in cinema Darth Vader.

For all sci-fi and adventure fans, this is a highly recommended movie series. And Contrary to Chronological order, start watching the series with this one (Ep IV) instead of going chronologically from Ep I.

And like I said - this has turned a non-believer into a believer of the Force. Mr. Lucas, Thanks you!

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Back to Middle Earth, 16 December 2012

Well, to begin with - this movie is for those who just hadn't had enough of the Middle-Earth adventures with the almost 10 hours saga of LOTR. And I am one of those. For the non-LOTR hardcore fans, it's like the movie being too long, being dragged or just piling on the LOTR popularity to mint money from making a trilogy out of a 19 chapter book.

On the story line, The Hobbit takes you 60 years back before Frodo's venture to Mordor began. With the ever-inspiring Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) recruits Bilbo (wasn't impressed with Martin playing this character initially, but turns out he fits quite well) to a team of 13 dwarfs set to reclaim their lost home encountering orcs, goblins, trolls, the ol' Smeagol, the Ring & more to come. Starts lil slow at Bag'end, the pace then picks up once the journey begins leading to some intense chase and action sequences.

On the technicalities, the 3D instead of being a distraction here, its actually quite effective and has got impressive clarity too (supposing its coz of the high frame-rate 3D 48fps). Thumbs up to Howard shore for the epic music plus a mention for the haunting Richard Armitage "Misty Mountains Cold".

And Peter Jackson - you are the guy for Epic Movies, not for some family tragedies. Good to see you back.

The only disappointment being a year long wait for "The Desolation of Smaug".

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Awful - My rating says that, 9 July 2012

Fortunately for "Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance" IMDb doesn't offer negative ratings, else its definitely got a minus rating.

I'm a big fan of Marvel movies & a superhero movie fan too, but this one is utter crap.

The first Ghost Rider movie wasn't that impressive, but was still a one- time watch for the effects & action sequences with decent acting.

Sincerely request Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, please don't inflict such torture on the audience again - never never in any of your lifetimes or in any of the parallel universes. What were you guys planning to deliver anyways - Was it something with total senseless direction, Pathetic acting, weird editing with ridiculous action scenes.

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FD5: Can be considered the best of the series, 21 August 2011

Now, this is one movie I didn't repent watching in 3D. This has to be the best of the series, the only thing which pulls it down is its following of the standard formula - hence, kinda predictable. Else it scores.

To the positives, they reserved the best choreographed opening disaster for this one. And Coming from the fourth FD (which was plain & the death scenes coerced), this has some of the most "jaw-dropping" death sequences, as this might be probably the last one in the series - ends a full circle.

Don't miss the premonition neither the final scene. The 3D is really worth here.

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C&A - doesn't disappoint either the Western lovers or the Sci-fi fans, 30 July 2011

Jon mashes 2 different genres together to create a mash up called "Cowboys & Aliens" instead of the usual Cowboys - Indians or US Army - Aliens combo.

It delivers but not the blockbuster fare of the Iron Man flicks, but decent entertainment for either set of fans with not much complaints. C&A has its usual set of clichés, but for the sake of fun - we sometimes start loving these clichés - be it the aliens capturing humans, cowboy racing along & jumping on to the alien craft (in this case), gold rush, the- everything-collapses scene etc.

After all, it brings in a lot of big names together - Jon, Spielberg, "Indiana" Ford, Daniel, Ron Howard,Wilde, Lindelof (surprise surprise) etc.

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The Writers got LOST!!! they aren't going to deny that, 30 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

what i had fearing all along since the beginning of the final season - happened.

THE END was lame.. totally lame.

Making it an emotional heart-rendering blah blah finale didn't work with me & i am sure it ain't worked with a lot of fans. The flash sideways was a purgatory sequence, r u kidding me? I understand the series had strong characters & had shown relations to dharma, good vs evil, faith vs science, but 18 episodes of purgatory scenes- come on, i don't digest that. It was a waste of time making all those story lines within the purgatory world, better could have focused on the huge containers of unanswered questions. And whats happening in this episode: *Ben was stuck under the tree trunk with no sign of sawyer and Hurley getting him out of that & the next scene for Ben, he was free at the cliff!! * No incantation for Hurley (so, did he really become the next Jacob)!!! * The ajira plane left maybe 5-10 mins ago.. still its flying over the island when jack sees it!!!

Cuse- Lindelof -> please don't give us "its a character based" cop-out thing. After building some much on the mythology of the island, didn't expect the series was supposed to end this way forgetting the mythology (that was another unexpected turn from the LOST writers).

Numbers, the others, Walt-"special", dharma etc etc - forget them?!? or get answers by ourselves coz u don't have satisfactory answers. The series really got so amazing & complicated that it would have been a great pull-off if the writers did came up with a great finish.

Anyways - 3 cheers to cuse-lindelof for the series, but not for the series finale.

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Could have been better!, 12 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The second episode totally dedicated to the island mythology after "Ab Aeterno" comes nowhere near it.

Its good as a standalone one, but when u draw comparisons keeping in mind the approaching series finale, the Candidate & Ab Aeterno, this one falls. Tucker Gates fails to recreate the charm.

Some questions answered, but new ones still crop up at this stage of the series.

Well, the first thought that sprang up on seeing the opening scene of the lady coming out of the water is - hey, is it Sun? did she make it?But no. It's a new face. BTW, it didn't act as a surprise for me that the pregnant woman is Jacob's mother, as i had easily guessed that or so could any LOST fan.

Some of the acts failed like - at the brother's first confrontation, what made Jacob so furious that he drew blood out of his loving brother. Simply difficult to understand.

few more to go. as i said before, please do not make it lame. LOST doesn't deserve that.

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LOST - now back on track, 6 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

alrite... here we are back on track.

after some thrill-less episodes, seems LOST is good to make a grand finale of "2.5 hrs" with The last recruit & now, The Candidate.

The Candidate did take some unexpected twists on road to 23rd May. In sideways-timeline, Locke refuses to become a candidate & on the island, Jack seems to be following Locke's path of ideas, to become a candidate.

On the Island : After Jack screwed up with the nuclear blast therby killing Juliet & not mending anything, it was Sawyer's turn to screw up things not just with the death of one main character 'Sayid', but also the Kwons & probably, Lapidus too.

Not much Qs been answered yet, awaiting the upcoming final episodes to be more thrilling.

This is the best show on TV & i give it a 9/10. The remaining 1 depends on how cuse & lindelof carry this show and answer the 'hell lotta' unanswered Qs. Hope the ending for this show is really worth this 6 seasons.

Cuse & Lindelof,

Please don't spoil the ending with some lame twists; better have some good answers.

Anyways, counting on u guys...

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simply amazing FX, 2 May 2010

a film bashed by the critics.

oh come on... this is a movie which delivers what the fans wanted to see - another full blown action movie set across the world.

The transformation sequences still amaze me, be it the prime's airdrop or the devastator's. It truly is another Bay movie with jaw-dropping action sequences. I am still suffering from the after effects.

Accolades to the visual & sound FX team. This movie grips me right from the Dreamworks & Paramount fanfare. The sound fx in the movie does get loud at times, well if u'd survived the first transformers, then u can survive this one as well. And if u want to find flaws, there r plenty. Everybody knows this movie isn't meant to be a cinematic classic, u better watch godfather or schindler's list for that.

This review comes after my 3rd viewing of the DVD disc.

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