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"Love" (2016)
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Not believable enough to be enjoyed, 21 March 2016

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Ill admit I laughed out loud a number of times in this. All of the supporting characters are great, well written, funny, well cast even.

Spoilers: That being said, the entire story revolves around "nice guy" Gus. Gus is a 120lb awkward dork who is down on his luck. That part is believable. Then somehow he manages to awkwardly fall into a 3 some with two hot college girls who are sisters. He meets a bad ass chick at a gas station, goes on a date with her cute friend, then hooks up with the bad ass, then hooks up with a smoking hot chick from work.

The "nice guy" thing is all wrong too. He isn't nice. Mickey is right when she said he is actually an asshole. He is a total selfish asshole, he isn't nice, he is a total pussy about everything.

So the story is an unattractive, selfish, passive aggressive, out of shape nerd who manages to meet and sleep with a bunch of hot chicks in LA. Right.... Gus would get murdered in LA in 2 months, and be celibate the entire time.

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Better marketing than execution, 16 May 2011

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I think Bridesmaids was a decent movie. However, it was sold as a raunchy wedding comedy that girls and guys will love equally. It was certainly not that at all. It was a chick flick. Albeit a chick flick with f-bombs and the "C" word, a chick flick non-the-less.

Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wig were the only notable performances. I think both of them are hilarious and they played their parts perfectly. The rest of the cast barely existed. I was very disappointed that Wendy McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper both had very minor roles (they made the poster but had about 3 lines a piece).

I am sure a group of girls will love this movie, it has some sappy "BFF" moments and a lot of anti-feminism tones that female moviegoers eat up (e.g. Kristen Wigg is a baker who feels worthless because she can't find a man to take care of her). However, guys beware. This is not a comedy for all sexes, this is a comedy that is focused on women and presents many issues that guys will not find funny or relatable.

While I see nothing wrong at all with a movie by women for women (and a good movie at that); I do have issues with a movie that states it is for everyone, and it clearly isn't.

The Hangover was a helluva lot better (not because it had men in it, because it was just funnier).