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Most anticipated films scheduled (or aiming in the US) for a 2014 release. Top 125, and always updating and reordering.
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Standouts imo. ~ my top 11ish% of over thirteen-hundred "and counting" films,, not including the Animated Disney classics, as they would overwhelm this list.

Not particularly in "Exact Order" either (depends on what mood you're in, and some added as a guilty pleasure), but close enough. Updating list as i go, and always reordering.
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Most (since i enjoyed most) of the animated movies i have seen in my 25yrs. Majority feature length, only favorite "designated" shorts included.
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My 100 most anticipated films (and hopefully the best) for 2013 scheduled releases,,, suggestions more than welcome
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The funniest comedies I've seen so far. Aiming to see a few more classics,, always updating when necessary.