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"Louie" (2010)
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Louis CK is at a new level, 10 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To preface - i am not one of those people who hand out 10 star reviews. I rarely if ever write reviews. With that said, here are my impressions of this modern masterpiece.

I think it is quite evident that Louis CK has moved on to the next level of comedy with this shows efforts. I feel like he has reached a place where he is now not just a comedian, but a voice. He isn't going for gags (this guy makes being funny look so effortless). Some episodes you don't laugh out loud once, but come out of the experience thinking about what you saw, and the humor exists as a whole, not as individual jokes (it has those too though). It feels like he really has tried to say something about growing up and assimilating into adulthood together.

It sounds so serious from my review - but not all of it is. There are so many moments that are just so funny you want to rewatch the episodes again. But, even as ridiculous parts of it are, you end up really caring about the Louie character, because it is so believable. I really didn't realize what a genuine experience the show was until the last moment of the last episode. It was like, tear inducing if you could believe. I really feel like it was a classic moment in modern TV, and I don't feel like I am exaggerating.

The more I watch this show, the more I understand what he was going for, and the more I appreciate it. This will be one of those shows I come back to decade after decade, and will probably appreciate even more when i become a father.