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Thought-Provoking Shorts!, 13 August 2010

A clear sky on the bad day is a situation drama. AkiMonster using effective cinematography and editing skill, made the great thought provoking film.

On the river side, man and woman keeps talking. It's just simple but you never get tired of this because this is a masterpiece of conversation trick. Following the story, you truly see the meaning of each words. You think but never get answers because it's totally blown away twist. Well, you might wanna get laugh or even angry but if you know the twist, but please follow the story from the beginning, you know the meaning what Sora said in this film. "Simple, I'm telling the truth." This film tells that knowing the truth is nothing but hope, anxiety and fear. I also even think the title is thought provoking. If you start thinking, cannot stop thinking but the answer is always simple.

Either you doubt or believe this, you might have different morning in the very next day after you watched this.

Japanese classic style with new senses!, 27 February 2010

In the nearest future, because of global warming, the world have gone insane. I'm not sure because of high temperature or may some other cause exists but people locked themselves in the house, went insane, commit suicide. Then some mysterious religious group called "Grateful Dead " making action giving people the death they want. Grateful Dead's leader is called "Eroica" (Heroic in Italian) radiates charisma. Member of Grateful Dead, Hasegawa, Asai and Mariko who wants to die drives to the ocean. On the way, their car is crushed and they have to walk to the ocean. On his way Hasegawa grows his specious that Mariko is a spy as he heard the rumor but...

Driving Mad Harmony is classic Japanese nouvelle vague style with unique dialogues related with Greek myths. It might be too artistic to get a whole story but it drags you into the world so you can think what was really happened. Color corrected nicely and camera work is beautiful. I do want Director AkiMonster to make a feature version of this movie. Well done!