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Wonderful film and it is British (at least, I think it is), 2 October 2011

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I remember this when it first came out, except in the UK, it was called "Into Infinity". It was only ever shown, if memory serves, twice and it was about a starship that could accelerate up to and beyond the speed of light. I particularly liked the fact that it was, for the time, very accurate and being a fan of physics, was an attempt to explain some basic theories. Since then, knowledge about Black Holes (they go through one at the end) has been enhanced and in reality they would not have survived, but it was a great plot for the time. It would have gone well as a 2 part episode of Space 1999 as it had all of the right mixture of ships (look at the ship - is this not the "Ultra Probe" from the episode "Dragon's Domain"?) and Nick Tate is in the show as Harry Masters, but he could have easily been Alan Carter. It is a pity more films were not made in this way - Science Fiction, but with a great deal of Science Fact too.

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Wonderful and incredibly sad film, 20 February 2010

It has been too many years since I last saw this film, but both Jill Clayburgh and Peter Falk are, in my opinion, perfectly cast as the two friends dying. I can barely remember any of the details, but the heart rending part at the end really stuck and even now, after all of this time, still moves me. If I recall correctly, Peter Falk returns to his car after Phoenix (Jill Clayburgh) dies and discovers he has a flat tyre. He proceeds to get the car jack out of the boot and something, I cannot remember what just makes him flip and he smashes all of the car windows. If I were in his shoes under those conditions, I would probably do the same thing. I hope someone will correct me if I am wrong about the ending, but that is the way I remember it. If you ever get the chance to see it, do so and if possible, try to record it. I hope I get the chance to see it again someday.