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Terrible, 20 December 2009

I purchased this due to the positive comments on here,thankfully it only cost £3. Such a dire film I haven't seen in a long time,there are no redeeming factors in it at all.

It's low budget,now this can be a good thing because the creators then get over this by a witty script or an original idea, it's not the case in this film. The gay men are all mincing sex obsessed nellies that live and die for sex,the one lesbian is overweight and a killer,the black men all have big willies and the Jew is a closet queen,subtle this ain't.

The writer/director seems to think that a line said repeatedly is funny or constitutes a running joke, it's neither, it was unfunny first time and 5 times less so when repeated. The three old ladies sat near a public toilet(where else!)saying naughty comments to each other seem to be a highlight,they need to go back to drama school.

The documentary on the DVD is painful to watch too,these poor deluded fools seem to think they have produced a comic masterpiece,the media studies industry has a lot to answer for believe me. As the director says he sees his films as his children well this one should have been given an abortion before it saw the light of a projector.

As for Berkoff and Pread they must have been in desperate need of rent money. I see it won an award at a Gay film festival well thank goodness I don't have to see the losers if this is the gold standard.

Bronson (2008)
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Doesn't glorify violence., 23 March 2009

Saw this last night, very impressed with the the performances and the structure of the film. Many comments say this glorifies violence whereas it does the opposite, I was left thinking what a waste of a life, if you want to spend the majority of your days sitting alone in a pigpen or drugged up in an asylum then this will inspire you as the means to get there. The audience I saw it with consisted mainly of males in their early 20s, I think they were disappointed because they had gone expecting a knockabout tongue in cheek film about one man's misguided fight against authority and they got a very dark film about the consequences of violence. Bronson didn't come out of this a hero at all.

Throughout the film the audience was silent,the only time there was a reaction was a scene at the beginning of the asylum sequence involving a act by a patient which seemed to provoke an embarrassed titter from some people because they didn't know how else to react. Neither was this film homophobic, I'm gay, I thought Bronson came across as tolerant of "alternative " lifestyles, the fight promoter,the art teacher and his uncle who seemed to live with a bunch of trannies were all accepted by him.He did call the guard he took hostage a "homo" but that was to intimidate him. Tom Hardy's performance was fantastic,vulnerable(seeing his mum out of prison),tough,confused(the reaction to the gay prisoner who fancies him), he was a character out of his time line, an eccentric that can't cope with normal society's rules.

Oh and I have no complaints about the size of his willy, what would your's do surrounded by a film crew?