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Murder at Somewhere Else, 1 March 2014

I had to go back to the beginning of the movie to view the stock footage again to make sure this movie wasn't about the Presidio of Monterrey. It turns out that not only was the story really about the Presidio of San Francisco, but that also it 'missed it' in at least three main areas, in a made-for-TV production. As noted elsewhere, the comparison to realistic military living is off. I could only wonder with a dropped-jaw how a single Military Police corporal had such extravagant living quarters, and consider with rolled-eyes how the military post was inaccurately depicted as having a guarded entry gate. Further, none of the sets were created to accurately show the real beauty of the post, it's landscape makeup, or how the buildings were really constructed. Sure they showed enlisted family housing very near the water, but it is a beach and not near the yacht harbor. Finally, interesting talent was cast for the telling of the story, but beyond that the film direction demonstrated a lack-luster effort at best. After viewing it, the movie left me feeling disappointed, betrayed, and even a little upset about the loss of time spent viewing it. So frankly, as also noted in another place here, this crime story really about a place that is not at the Presidio.

Flight (2012/I)
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The Higher Power, 25 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not exactly a preachy film, but although another hero in the world of aviation is introduced, it seems to at least have the finger of a higher power in it. Captain Whip Whitaker comes out a hero when he saves the lives of almost everybody on board a plane that takes a fatal dive. As the action unfolds, the wing of the approaching plane slices the steeple of a church where the congregants were outside praising God. It turns out that most of the passengers were miraculously saved after the impact, but the credit went to the pilot for a bold airborne move, who also survived. But, the movie is really about the the pilot's drug and alcohol problems leading the audience to begin to worry that evidence of the use will punish the wrong people. And that is where the deeper challenge lies -- will the resulting investigation show the crash was due to mechanical reasons, or will it show pilot error caused by drug and alcohol abuse? I will just say that while this 'higher power' seemingly comes out to settle things, there are some other points that the movie doesn't make that are critical to understanding the plot.

The first thing is that it is evident the pilot has lost some of his standing in the world of aviation. His employment opportunities may have been diminished by his behavior, but it is not clear. What is clear is that he had a job with a much larger airline, and that in the film he is working for a commuter airline, which offer smaller opportunities, and probably lower pay. Was this hot-shot pilot forced to leave Delta Airlines because of his drinking? Also, it is unfortunate that the crew-abuses by airline management is not featured more directly. These points may help the viewer embrace the events that are going on.

Let me just end with a description of a different pain. Several members of the audience gasped quite noticeably as large, thick, 'buds' were also forced down(the drain). It's not exactly central to the plot, but I did check the appropriate box. Yes, there were some other funny parts, too, and the humor was done from in a clever way.

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Legacy, 9 August 2012

Apparently Jason Bourne really isn't special enough to make another quality movie about him, as the story telling takes off in too many directions. True it was only last week, but not since the Total Recall have I been so disappointed in a movie. With these two examples, Hollywood is presently destroying some perfectly good concepts. Probably trying to pull a slick one, the writer(s) tried to use the spirit of the Bourne story, to plant lots of Easter Eggs, which simply exploded in the viewers face. As if in covert style, this effort harms the franchise from which it is trying to escape. While there is some of it throughout, the action sequence (the absence of an 's' to end the last word is not by mistake), which the regular fan is used to, doesn't happen until much too late in the movie. If you want to accept this as Jason Bourne's legacy, this movie leaves too many things undone, and in my opinion The Bourne Legacy should not include any reference to Jason Bourne in the title.

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The Setting IS Wrong, 14 June 2012

At it's core, this is almost as entertaining as a Romantic Comedy should be. But, the setting for this story about a narcissistic, big-city, gen-Y girl seemed 'off'. I can imagine that girls in many places around the world get a sense of dread for that approaching 3-oh, but it's just not true for women, especially in many urban areas, where serious romance, and courting happens not only before 30, but after. I just can't imagine a girl living in a socially sophisticated place like New York City with a sense of foreboding that age is a limiting factor to finding the one she really should be with. The story also meandered a bit, as it tried to develop a clear direction, but while it was scattered, it finally found a direction at the end.