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a list of 58 titles
movies of all genres, some are deep, others light and fun.
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My favorite Movies in random order.
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spotted (first role I've seen them in)
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A list of female celebrities who I share my star sign with; including positive and negative associations with a female taurus and my favorite movie/role/etc of each star.
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(and tv series) in random order
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List of TV Series/Cartoons and Movies I enjoyed as a kid; in no real order yet, except for The Tribe.
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..such as Depression, Eating disorders, Autism, Schizophrenia, Personality disorders, etc.
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Actors and Actresses with MM initials
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Celebrities who share their first names with characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ANGEL.
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Famous Adam's and Eve's
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Celebrities with Rose or Lily in their name.
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worst of the worst
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list of favorite male actors, not really in any particular order yet.
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Prettiest Actresses with (light)brown skin
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List of my personal favorite episodes of my fav TV Series incl. Quotes
a list of 24 characters
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(still in progress) no real order yet
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male and female
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Christina Ricci is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses imo, her roles are provocative and unusual.
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Movies of all genres
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