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"Seinfeld" (1989)
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Is Seinfeld Comedy ?, 12 October 2014

I was excited to begin watching Seinfeld, the great ratings, the reputation, the quotes, everything around me was giving the impression that I'm about to watch the greatest sitcom ever, the I'm about to experience an hours of non stopped laughs.. But what happened was something unexpected, at all.. I watched the first three season with absolutely no smile at all, and before quitting the show i watched the highest 2 rated episodes on IMDb , but nothing changed ! It was childish, annoying, the acting was the only thing that is funny because it was so primitive.. i watched Scrubs, The Office, Friends, Community, Parks and Recreation, these are Comedy, Seinfeld is just something annoying that his success is one of the mysteries that cant be solved..

"Homeland" (2011)
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Great Show.. Fair,Impartial "as a Muslim", 6 January 2013

I don't know where to start,as a Muslim i'm fully aware that western media can't resist to show us as a terrorist, but once i watched Homeland, i realized that days are finally over.. I must say, the people who worked on homeland prepare for it very very well, it's obvious that they look up about what really Islam is ,islam's doctrine, i must thank them from my heart "at least for now " The show in unbelievably awesome, great cast, i bet if that was a movie, at least 6 actors\actresses will get nomination for academy award, and damn yeah claire danes will win for sure.. i must take the opportunity to praise Mandy Patinkin for his great performance, he really touch you as saul berenston.. the other people i want to praise are Damian Lewis,Morgan Saylor, David harewood and rupert friend, these people made great impression on the screen that is not easy to get over.. I love This Show and i can't wait till Season 3 get start, Because it get it all in one show,as life lessons: love, sacrifice, betrayal, it shows how it is hard to start over your dirty past, how the community you live in response with that ... etc As a show: homeland is thriller, suspense, romance and drama .. what the person seeks more in a TV show ? waiting for season 3 on fire...

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Pray God To Give Me 2 years in my life, 15 December 2012

There is two things you can't help yourself falling in love with, this type of tales, and peter jackson bring it up to the screen .. The Hobbit worked as a time machine for me, returned me to the the day i saw the lord of the rings first time, not just the atmosphere, or the characters, beside all of that, you can't ignore the feeling that you actually watching LOTR: the fellowship of rings, and for me it's quite simple to find where's that come from, the only negative of the movie for me that it used exactly the same sequence of events , just changed the events ..

Otherwise, the hobbit is a masterpiece and should be a big lesson for the makers of narnia, the last airbender,and such adventures movies because this is one can labeled "adventure"

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The Poor Movie Of The Century, 7 September 2012

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Except The Hottness Of The Actress Involved , I really Expect NOTHING , & Honestly , Without Pacticipation Of Anna Kendrick , I wouldn't Bother My Self To Watch ..I Love Anna Kendrick & I Wish Not Featured at any crab movie like this one She's Really talented , Just Need a role that she can explode her abilities , Up In The Air for example.. For Cameron , Jennifer , Eli , We used to watch'em in this kind of poor movies

a Very Poor Movie , No Sense Of Humor, No Event , Nothing..

Just The Beauty Of Anna , Jennifer and Eli , I don't Know On What Earth Cameron Diaz Is Hot ! The Only Favour this movie give , Is Chris rock , welcome back man

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I Can't Get Over It, 17 August 2012

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I Watched It Few Days Ago & I Still Analyzing , What I Saw In The Theatre Was Extraordinary , Nolan Make an Opinion About Every Single Thing In Life : Corruption , Politics , Love , Actually Love Is My Favourite Topic Because It's Showed In 2 Different Ways , Good And Bad .. The End Was Totally Great and Creative , Maybe It's Similar With Inception , The Open Ending , So The Audience Figure It Out On Their Own,But Still Great Scene With Impassioned Score From ST GOD Hans Zimmer .. The Dark Knight Rises Is Best Sequel In The Movies History, Indeed.. And I'll Be Very Sad That Such Inspiring Movie Series Is Over , With All These Characters We Loved , And So Exciting Events That Make You Can't Even Blink , Which We Missed In These Days Movies ..