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Jagga Jasoos is a complete disaster. Watch it at your own risk, 14 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now this what happens when you order a product online and receive something else when you open the package. Jagga Jasoos will give you same feeling and you will be scratching your hair after watching the so-called adventure saga.

Jagga Jasoos (Ranbir Kapoor) tells the story of a sings-to-explain- his-words young detective who goes out to search for his missing father (Saswata Chatterjee). On his search, Jagga is accompanied with a journalist, Shruti Sengupta(Katrina Kaif).

Coming from the house of talent who gave us Barfi, Jagga Jasoos is a complete let down especially after watching the intriguing and vibrant trailer. More disappointing is that it coming from the director Anurag Basu who gave us films like Gangster and Life In A Metro. The problem with Jagga Jasoos is that it is too musical which becomes unbearable at one point. The movie begins with Katrina Kaif telling the heroic tales of Jagga Jasoos to kids which is musical, Saswata Chatterjee talking to young Jagga is musical and then finally Jagga speaks by singing to everyone (since Jagga stammers) which again is musical. And then there are songs at uninterrupted sequence. At this point, you will loose hope of watching the film and wish you could have a remote control in your hand to push the forward button.

Second half becomes decent as Jagga's mission to search for his father takes him on a roller coaster journey from India to Africa and has few thrilling moments which brings back life in the film. Nevertheless, the overall plot suffers from the wafer-thin script and might give you a headache. The only silver-lining is technical support including Cinematography which is enchanting and a treat to watch. Art direction is fine. Background score is good. Except for "Galti Se Mistake", none of the other songs are tuneful. Hats off Shaimak Davar for his excellent choreography in "Galti Se Mistake". Action sequence by Allan Amin is wonderful.

Performance wise, Ranbir Kapoor is excellent. I wish the screenplay could do justice to leverage his talent. Katrina Kaif, as usual, is wooden-face and still cannot act. Saswata Chatterjee is good.

Overall, Jagga Jasoos is a complete disaster. Watch it at your own risk. Poor 1/5

Tubelight (2017)
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It takes nerve of steel to watch Tubelight which is fused from the very beginning, 23 June 2017

What do you in life when you are bullied, laughed and doubted - you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself and the keep the hope alive, nothing can beat you. Tubelight, remake of critically acclaimed "A Little Boy", does sends out the message but is far from being properly executed ..

Tubelight tells the story of a special man (Salman Khan) whose IQ is well-below his age but is a gem-of-a-person. Praying for his brother's (Sohail Khan) return from Indo-China War, he starts fulfilling a wish list.

Kabir Khan, who gave us some memorable films like "Kabul Express", "New York" and "Bajrangi Bhaijaan", Tubelight will come as shock for his followers and especially for Salman Khan's fans. The well intentioned film sits on a wafer-thin plot and the screenplay is weaker than a woman's tear. Of course, there are few moments which is enthralling. For instance, Salman Khan taking courage to slap his naysayer who he hurts the Chinese family. The scene where Salman Khan thoughts that his brother is dead at the Army camp and closes his ears pretending not to hear the sad news is one of the finest moments from the film. Unfortunately, the scenes are less to keep up the momentum of the film which falls flat on the face and tumbles down into a rabbit hole.

Cinematography is superb capturing the beautiful locals of Manali, Kashmir and Ladakh. Art direction is pretty impressive. Background score is just about okay while the music piece by Pritam is decent with "Radio" song being best of the lot and well-choreographed. Coming to the performance, Salman Khan tried something different with his honest performance. However, few scenes I felt he was overboard and could have worked on his expression. Zhu Zhu was good in her part. The young chap playing "Guo" was amazing. Sohail Khan was just about okay while Om Puri and Mohmammed Zeeshan Ayub were excellent.

Overall, Tubelight has been a big disappoint. Watch it only if you have not seen "A Little Boy". Below average 2/5

Sachin (2017)
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it is definite watch for even non-cricket fans which will prove you what a great sportsman Sachin was, 27 May 2017

When you think you already know everything about the legend, "Sachin A Billion Dreams" goes one step ahead to show the making of a great sportsman which will make you respect even more.

"Sachin A Billion Dreams" is a documentary-drama gives an insight into the life Cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar and how he achieved his dream of winning the World Cup for India in 2011.

From the director of acclaimed documentaries like "EMR" and "The Battle Of Sexes", James Erskine does a fine job in depicting the life of Sachin in 138 minutes. He deep-dives into the journey of Sachin right from his childhood to the accurate figures and facts which makes him the most popular player in India. The film switches between the past and present scenes but never confuses you or sways away from the theme of the film. Impeccable background score by A.R.Rahman just is an icing on the cake. I liked the climax where James showed how Tendulkar felt when he got out in the World Cup match between Sri Lanka and India and finally the highly-acclaimed retirement which was viewed by the audience all over the world.

The only hiccup is the editing which again should be compensated since Sachin's journey is nothing short of History. Overall, it is definite watch for even non-cricket fans which will prove you what a great sportsman Sachin was. Excellent 4/5

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"Hindi Medium" is electrifying that boast of enough humor and laugh to keep you entertained, 20 May 2017

There comes a movie once in a while which is not only thought- provoking but also sends out a great social message. "Hindi Medium" is definitely one of it.

"Hindi Medium" tells the story of a married couple who does every thing under the sun to get their daughter admitted to the most popular school of Delhi.

Saket Chaudhary, who gave us some memorable films like "Pyaar Ka Side Effects" and "Shaadi Ke Side Effects", goes one step further and create a satire on the education system which is very much prevalent in India. The film focuses on Indian parents' obsession who wants to send their kids to the high-profile schools despite exorbitant fees to learn English that will help them to be accepted in the society and land a job in MNC. A dialogue from Irrfan Khan "If French and German speaks incorrect English, it is still fine but when an Indian does not speak proper English, then that person holds no value in the society. The movie is a laugh-riot and few scenes will definitely bring down the house. The scene at the factory where Irrfan wants to go for a bio-break gets interrupted by his boss is hilarious. Another scene at the Government school where a son of a Tourist guide displays his skills by speaking English, German and even French languages proving that talent has no boundary. Hats off to Saket Chaudhary for bringing something new on the Indian silver screen.

The film does have it share of flaws as well. The second half becomes a little drag towards the end and climax becomes little melodramatic. Also, the editing should have been better trimming the film by another 10-12 mins. Art direction and Cinematography is simple which is the essence of story line with an average background score. The screenplay is good but loses somewhere later in the film. The film belongs to Irrfan Khan who carries it on his shoulder. The epitome of talent, Irrfan surprises you with subtle humor which will tickle your funny bone. Watch for him as he has tries to play "good" husband" with perfection. The character played by Saba Qamar will remind you of Sridevi from 1997's blockbuster "Judaai" who is lured by elite society of Delhi. Deepak Dobriyal is mindblowing. The actor just adds spark to the film every time he appears on-screen. Amrita Singh does about okay.

Overall, "Hindi Medium" is electrifying that boast of lot of humor and laugh to keep you entertained. Good 3/5

Rangoon (2017/II)
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Weakest film of Vishal Bhardwaj till now. Completely disappointing, 25 February 2017

There comes a time when as a audience you are eagerly waiting for a film with supremely talented actors, finest director and breath- taking visuals. Will Rangoon live up to its name ? Lets find out ..

Set in the Pre-Independence era during the British rule, "Rangoon" is a love triangle between Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapur. Kangana plays as actress, Jaanbaaz Julie, and looks absolutely gorgeous in her new avatar. While Saif plays the role of a director, Shahid gets his down dirty essaying a soldier in the film.

When you know that film is being directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, the curiosity will reach sky high as the marvelous director has given us "Makdee", "Omkara", "Haider", "Maqbool" and "The Blue Umbrella" to name a few. However, my joy turned out sour after watching "Rangoon" today. The movie does not give out the cinematic brilliance as showed by Bhardwaj in his previous films. The movie begins with a guerrilla war scene which has been well executed followed by introduction of each characters. The movie does not keeps you engaged and inclusion of unnecessary songs just adds further woes.The second half does not seem to take off and even the main story unfolding here does not help much. Climax is weakly depicted and has nothing to talk about.

Vishal Bhardwaj seems to have missed the bus this time as "Rangoon" falls flat on the face. Script is a mess with no clue about what is the actual story. Cinematography is amazing along with tuneful songs (though too many). Art direction is good but editing is bad. Performances wise, none of the actors were impressive. Kangana Ranaut went over board while Saif Ali Khan had nothing much to do. It was Shahid Kapur who showed some decent performance.

Overall, probably the most weakest film of Vishal Bhardwaj till now. Poor 1/5

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Every Indian should watch The Ghazi Attack. Brilliantly portrayed, 19 February 2017

Thanks to the world of cinema, we get to hear so much of unknown stories which is stunning and yet nerve breaking. The Ghazi Attack is one such dynamic and encouraging story of our Indian soldiers fighting to save the country which was never heard of.

The Ghazi Attack tells the story of Indian men on board the submarine S21 when it is attacked by the Pakistani submarine, PNS Ghazi who intend to take out the city of Vishakapatnam from the map of India.

Directed by debutant, Sankalp Reddy, The Ghazi Attack is one such film which will keep you engaged right from the beginning till the electrifying climax. The powerful true story of our Indian Navi, The Ghazi Attack is the first Indian which talks about the submarine and the makers have done a fabulous job in portraying the stress, blood and sweat displayed by our honorable soldiers. Couple of scenes did caught my attention - Pakistani missiles missing the Indian submarine by few meters have been brilliantly portrayed. The interaction between Rana, Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni is one of the highlights of the film. Performances by each and every actor is mesmerizing, especially Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni.

Overall, a spellbinding tale of war which is cherished and witness on silver screen. Excellent 4/5

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Do not miss Jolly LLB 2 at any cost. It is a fun ride all the way !!, 11 February 2017

Audiences were in for a surprise when they witnessed "Jolly LLB" starring Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, Amrita Rao and Saurabh Shukla. The film was a runaway hit and won numerous awards and accolades, including the National Award for Saurabh Shukla in the Best Supporting Actor category. Can "Jolly LLB 2" repeat the success of the first part ? Let us find out ..

A small time lawyer, Jagdish Mishra (played by Akshay Kumar) wants to make it big by enforcing himself in a case where an innocent person is killed in a fake encounter by a corrupted cop.

From the director of "Phas Gaye Re Obama" and "Jolly LLB", Subhash Kapoor takes one step forward with the rib-tickling comedy. "Jolly LLB 2" focuses on our poor judiciary where a single case is bought at the hand of big goons who desperately try to save themselves brushing their mistakes as act of innocence. Hats off to Subhash Kapoor for fearlessly depicting these events with ease. Few acts did catch my attention- the introduction scenes of Akshay Kumar where he mints money by dictating the answers to the students, the court fight scene between Akshay Kumar and Annu Kapoor and the dharna scene at the court between Saurabh Shukla and Annu Kapoor will certainly bring down the house. Of course , the film has its share of flaw as well - the unnecessary insertion of songs and dance (completely not required in this kind of cinema), melodrama included in the climax which spoiled the mood.

"Jolly LLB 2" belongs to three central characters - Akshay Kumar, Annu Kapoor and Saurabh Suhkla will drive you nuts with their admirable performances. Aksay Kumar not only emotes well in comic scenes but is commendable in essaying serious role as well. Annu Kapoor , as usual , is marvelous. Saurabh Shukla as judge is simply fantastic. He is sure to make you laugh with typical Delhi accent and comic timings. Huma Qureshi was okay.

"Jolly LLB 2" is pleasure to watch not just for its satirical humor on Indian Judiciary system, but always for its beautiful message on honesty and bravery. Good 3/5

Kaabil (2017)
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What an enigmatic performance by Hrithik !!! Makes a great comeback, 26 January 2017

It is a great sense of achievement for disabled people who are leading a normal life even though they are facing challenge each and every day. Films like Sanjeev Kumar "Koshish", Rani Mukherjee's "Black" or the recent one "Margarita With A Straw" where Kalki Koechin gives an enduring performance, is one step forward to accept them. "Kaabil" is one such attempt to portray that they are not weak but they are better than us in some way ..

"Kaabil" tells story of a lovely couple, Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) and Supriya (Yami Gautam) whose world are torn apart when few miscreants interfere in their life. Rohan plans to seek revenge on those who were behind his family's destruction.

After a long time, Sanjay Gupta, though borrowed from "Broken", has delivered some sensible film which will surprise you with few scenes. The movie begins in a normal flow where a boy meets girl and they live happily coupled with unnecessary songs causing interference. The first half is hardly engaging but it is scene before the intermission where Hrithik challenges the cops which is outstanding. The second half begins with a bang gathering the steam and delivering it to the best. Though the plot becomes weak in between, it is the treatment and execution which keeps you engaged.

Good attempt by Sanjay Gupta but still could have better. Art direction is fine. Cinematography is excellent. Dialogues are brilliant. Editing is weak which could have improved making it a taut revenge thriller. Screenplay is like a roller coaster ride. Music is fine but except "Sara Zamana", none of them will be remembered. Coming to the performances, it is Hrithik Roshan's show all the way. The multi-talented actor does everything from romancing his heroine, dancing brilliantly and even giving solid dialogue baazi. However, it is impeccable acting of playing a blind man that leaves an impression. What a come back. Yami Gautam surprises you as well with her enchanting smile and outstanding portrayal of a struggling blind person who is suffering in pain. Ronit Roy is wasted in underwritten role. Rohit Roy over-acts.

On the whole, "Kaabil" is a good attempt by its makers. Watch it for Hrithik Roshan as he is not stopping back. Decent 2.75/5

- Ketan Gupta

Raees (2017)
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Watch Raees for stellar and electrifying performances by Shah Rukh and Nawazuddin, 25 January 2017

After being in making for past 2 years and being shelved for multiple reasons, "Raees" finally sees the light of the day. The trailer looked promising bringing back the 80's Bollywood era and so were the dialogue promos and the songs. Does "Raees" lives up to the mammoth expectations ? Well, it was almost there with few glitches and few engaging moments ...

Inspired by the true story of liquor don, Abdul Latif, who ruled Gujarat and even few parts of India, "Raees" tells the rags-to-rich tale of Raees Alam (played by Shah Rukh Khan) who faces the heat at the peak of his supremacy by a tough cop (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

From the director of National Award winning,"Parzania" and "Lamha", Rahul Dholakia gives his first attempt at the commercial potboiler and is fairly successful. The film kicks off in 1970 showing how a small boy becomes a local bootlegger into full grown small time smuggler, Shah Rukh, who steals the scene with his entry and uses his tactics to setup his own independent liquor business. The film becomes an interesting watch, moment Nawazuddin enters the scene. His witty one-liners are impeccable and you will enjoy each and every moment of it. The first scene between Shah Rukh and Nawaz at the police station is good. The first half does have few tense moments to sail it through. With second half, the movie starts dragging and sometimes feel out of places.

The songs places hindrance to the flow of the film while action scenes looks tacky. The screenplay loses the track and becomes a typical melodrama in the later half of the film with new to offer. This is definitely not the best work from Rahul Dholakia carrying huge expectations. Even barring the tuneful and well-choreographed "Udi Udi", none of the songs will be memorable once you leave the theater. I loved the original version of "Laila" featuring Zeenat Aman from "Qurbani". Editing could have more crispy.

What works is admirable cinematography and fine art direction. The dialogues are simply mind blowing especially "Koi Bhi Dhanda Chotha Nahi Hota". Coming to the performances, Shah Rukh Khan makes a good comeback. The superstar steals the show with his daring avatar speaking much through his eyes and expressing appropriately. Watch for him in the climax scene. Nawazuddin is outstanding. The supremely talented actor gets much chance to show case his talent and he does it with aplomb. Mahira Khan is just about okay. Talents like Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub and Atul Kulkarni are wasted due to under-written roles.

Overall, "Raaes" is watchable only once for electrifying performances by Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Decent 2.75/5

- Ketan Gupta

Dangal (2016)
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If you are lying low in life, "Dangal" is the right dose of medicine to motivate and inspire you. Go and grab the tickets now, 24 December 2016

Movie Name : Dangal Genre : Sports / Drama / Biography Rating : Outstanding 5/5

There comes a movie in a while which you are awaiting with bathed-breath and after watching it, your joy knows no bounds. "Dangal" is a perfect example that exceeds the expectations and would give you a right dose of entertainment with an inspiring message.

"Dangal" is a biography-drama about the former Indian wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat (played by Aamir Khan) who dreams of winning a gold medal for India at the Olympics. He earns enough respect in the field of wrestling but disowns the sport due to money-crunch. However, he trains his daughters, Geeta (played by Fatima Sana Shaikh) and Babita (played by Sanya Malhotra) who makes his dream come true.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, who earlier made "Bhoothnath Returns", "Dangal" focuses more on the relationship between the Haryana wrestler Mahavir Phogat and Babita Kumari and Geeta Phogat. Unlike the Salman Khan's "Sultan", the wrestling drama is an emotional journey of a father teaching his daughters about the wrestling sports rather than full-fledged action film. The film opens well with Aamir Khan wrestling with his colleague at office. The subsequent scenes where he teaches his daughters the art of wrestling is brilliantly portrayed. The wrestling arena scene where the young Geeta fights with a boy for the first time is eye-popping. Kudos to Nitesh Tiwari for keeping us engaged at this time.

The second half tells how Geeta Phogat joining the NSA (National Sports Academy) but in spite of having a wrestling coach, gets trained under her father to win the gold medal at the Common Wealth Games 2010. The wrestling scenes are probably the best scenes you will witness on the silver screen. The semi-final and the final match for gold is the highlight of the film. Thanks to wonderful screenplay written by Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain, Nikhil Mehrotra and Nitesh Tiwari, "Dangal" will keep you on your toes right from the beginning till the end. Background score is rocking and gels well with the mood of the film. Art direction is effective along with efficient cinematography for capturing the charms of rural India. Editing is crispy. Special mention to Shyam Kaushal and Kripa Shankar Patel Bishnoi for executing the wrestling scenes effectively. Songs are good but definitely the pick-of-a-lot is the title song "Dangal" which hair- raising.

Coming to the performances, I cannot imagine any one apart from Aamir Khan playing the role of mentor to his daughter, Mahavir Singh Phogat. Aamir has chosen to put on lot of weight to look like an aging pehelwaan and his performance is impeccable. Just like "Sultan" was not just a Salman Khan's film and had other characters well-defined, "Dangal" boast off some brilliant actors as well. Zaira Wasim (Young Geeta) and Suhani Bhatnagar (Young Babita) are simply superb. Same goes for Fatima Sana Shaikh (Elder Geeta) and Sanya Malhotra (Elder Babita) who are spell- binding. Sakshi Talwar does well in her part.

Overall, if you are lying low in life, "Dangal" is the right dose of medicine to motivate and inspire you. Go and grab the tickets now. Outstanding 5/5

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