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Non-Stop (2014)
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Perfect action-thriller with outstanding performance by Liam Neeson, 11 March 2014

Over the years, Liam Neeson has established his own brand as action- thriller star with immensely likable Taken, Unknown and The Grey.

Liam Neeson stars as Air Marshal Bill who must race against time to stop a killer aboard the same air-borne plane from executing his heinous plan. Trouble starts when an anonymous person starts messaging Bill over his secure network that a passenger will be killed every 20 minutes unless $150 million is transferred to a bank account. As people start dying in unexpected ways, Bill faces a nemesis whom he cannot see and stop. As the movie races forward, every character evokes suspicion including Bill himself.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra whose previous work includes Orhpan and Unknown, Non-stop is race against time thriller with a great cast and perfect actors being chosen for every role. Background score is energizing which gels well with the mood of film. Camera-work is outstanding. Liam Neeson is undoubtedly stupendous in his performance.The movie is carried by Liam Neeson all the way as you will realize how the time flies with the non-stop twists and turns. Liam has an innate ability to carry off such roles with great panache. Action sequences are quick with a special mention for the scene in the restroom followed by the stand-off with the passengers.

Overall, a perfect action-thriller with outstanding performance by Liam Neeson

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Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla shines in this messy political drama., 9 March 2014

The early 90's of Bollywood was ruled by gorgeous and talented Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla,Karisma Kapoor who set the screen on fire with their charisma and versatility in acting. Gulab Gang will blow your mind with powerhouse performance by Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla.

Gulab Gang talks about the right of education , freedom , speech of women in the village of UP. Rajjo ( played by Madhuri) leads the gang and fights for crime against women. Her path is vehemently blocked by shrewd and crooked politician ( played by Juhi Chawla). They face-off each other in the battle of guts and glory.

As a first time director, Soumik Sen does a decent job of bringing two veterans and extracting extraordinary performance from them. The movie is exceptional in the first half with few moments like introduction scenes of Madhuri and Juhi , confrontation between them and shutting down then entire office of local office are definitely applauding. However, the second half is messed up completely with so many potholes in the script and not so convincing climax as if the director was in hurry to complete the film. Cinematography is outstanding. Art direction is decent. Background score is good. Music is a big letdown. In fact, it was not required at all. Madhuri Dixit outshines as Rajjo. She will remind you of Janki from Lajja where she played similar strong-headed character. She excels in dialogues and is brilliant in the action scenes. You will probably remember Juhi Chawla as chirpy and bubbly next-door-girl characters she played in various film but you will be taken in for surprise as she plays the negative role with aplomb. She emotes expressively through her eyes with devilish charm.

Overall, decent flick where Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla shines in this political drama. Good 3/5

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Disappointing film despite having a great star cast, 8 March 2014

When you have veterans like Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts aligned to a film, the expectation sky rockets high and you will be pumped up to watch the film. Does August Osage County live up to that expectation ? To some extent.

August Osage County tells live of Weston family who come back together after the head of family commits suicide.

August Osage County is directed by John Wells who previously directed The Company Men. The film takes some time to gather steam as the momentum is very slow. Even after things becomes interesting, you are not grabbed into the film completely. Screenplay is loose and direction is immature. There are few moments in which character are loud and irritating. Art direction is decent. Cinematography is excellent. Background score is weak. Dialogues are not upto the mark. It is Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts who gives a fine performance and heads the film on their shoulder.

Overall, a disappointing film despite having a great star cast. Average 2/5

Gunday (2014)
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Gunday is daring attempt to come out this year, 2 March 2014

Remember classics like Sholay, Kala pathar , Deewar where angry young man image superbly played by Amitabh Bacchan ruled the silver screen. Gunday pays homage to the 70's action flicks with gusto. Gunday tells the story of two orphaned kids who are refugee from Bangladesh and escapes to Calcutta after 1971 Indo-Pak war. They grew up to become the messiah for Calcutta people but their friendship is torn apart when they fall in love with a common girl. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar who gave us light hearted Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Gunday is an action potboiler of 70's era where grand entry and punching dialogues by hero were welcomed with whistling and screaming in the theater. Zafar does fairly good job in keeping the audience alive but suffers from lackuster screenplay in the first half. The film boast off some high voltage drama but half baked romantic track spoils the mood. The second half picks up and will keep your attention till well executed climax. Few twist do add dome spice to the film. Art direction is ma gnus. Cinematography is outstanding. Songs are good. Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor pulls the film on their shoulder and will ensure you are entertained. Priyanka Chopra and Irrfan Khan provides adequate support. Overall, Gunday is daring attempt to come out this year. Good 3/5

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Shaadi Ke Side effects is a welcome change for audience with stupendous performances, nice songs and funny scenes., 1 March 2014

When you have two epitome of Bollywood talents - Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan in one film, the expectation soars high. Shaadi Ke Side Effects is hilarious, ravishing and refreshing.

Sid is a struggling musician who is married to Trisha. All hell break loose on Sid when Trisha announces her pregnancy news. As they welcome the new member in the family, Sid's life becomes monotonous and boring with sense of failure and insecurities as he must find a way to cope up the daily problems.

Sequel to fun-loving Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Shaadi Ke Side Effects is a humorous way of describing the daily issues one faces in married life. The first half is outstanding and few scenes like sleeping habits of Sid, being the best father in children's birthday parties are surely going to bring down the house. Second half is melodramatic but does not get overboard. Hats off to Saket Chaudhary for doing fine job as director. Screenplay is tight. Cinematography is exceptional. Dialogues are funny. Art direction is nice. Songs are good. Farhan Akhtar delivers again. This is second film in which he plays a comic role and is absolutely stunning. Vidya Balan is enthralling playing the role of a house wife with aplomb. Ram Kapoor is dependable along with Vir Das.

Shaadi Ke Side effects is a welcome change for audience with stupendous performances, nice songs and funny scenes. Excellent 4.5/5

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Dallas Buyers Club belongs to Matthew McConaughey who leaves no stone unturned with a brave performance, 1 March 2014

Matthew McConaughey is one of most under-rated actor who has given some memorable performances over the years. With Dallas Buyers Club, he has proved his mettle and is here to stay.

Dallas Buyers Club tells the story of an electrician who is infected with AIDS virus. He travels globally to find the right medicine for the disease and opens a Dallas Buyers Club to help the other AIDS patients.

Based on true story of Ron Woodroof, Dallas Buyers Club is directed by Jean-Marc Vallée whose previous works include The Young Victora and CRAZY. The film will immediately grab your attention right from the opening scenes including the revelation of deadly disease to Ron. Every frame is executed efficiently after wards which makes it more interesting to watch. Cinematography is enthralling along with nice Art direction. Dialogues are witty. The best part of the film is of course Matthew McConaughey who has lost some 30 kilos to fit into the role of Ron Woodroof. This is perhaps the career best performance by the talented actor who has cherished with brave acting including A Time To Kill, The Lincoln Lawyer and the recent MUD. I also liked Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto in the supporting role.

Dallas Buyers Club belongs to Matthew McConaughey who leaves no stone unturned with a brave performance. Excellent 4.5/5

Nebraska (2013)
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Nebraska is fine piece of cinema which will appreciate by true movie buffs, 27 February 2014

Alexander Payne's film strives for adult commercial American cinema which strives for acting style more approximates real life and is relatively free of contrivance and device. He portrays excellence by choosing his hometown Nebraska as the center of the film.

Nebraska tells the story of old-aged, alcoholic suffering from dementia who travels with his son on a road trip from Montana to Nebraska to claim a million dollar prize.

It is always a pleasure to watch Alexander Payne's film ( Sideways, The Descendants )as he has mastered the effective introduction of each character as the movie progress. Nebraska , filmed in black and white color, is like a delicious dish which will taste better the next time you take wimp of spoon in your mouth. The film movement is snail-paced and will be take sometime for you to grab but with dark humor and satirical depictions of contemporary American society, it will be an enjoyable ride. Full marks should be given to the cinematography for capturing the beautiful landmark and historical places. Background score gels well with the mood of the film. Bruce Dern was outstanding as Woody Grant. He fitted the role as it was tailor-made for him. Equal applaud should be given to Will Forte as supporting son who plays the dutiful son.

Overall, Nebraska is fine piece of cinema which will appreciate by true movie buffs.Excellent 4.5/5

One by Two (2014)
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Paaaakkkkaaaaoood !!!!, 16 February 2014

Abhay Deol is the only actor from Deol's family who has always stood out with method-thinking role but with One By Two he loses sheen of performance which might prove to be fatal for his career.

One By Two tells the story of rendezvous between two different people Amit and Samara who are going through turmoil in their life.

First time Devika Bhagat gives an account of life in a metropolitan city but falls flat on the face with poor direction and extremely pathetic screenplay. The movie is unconvincing from start till end and baring few scenes is weak overall. Music is horrible considering coming from Shankar-Eshaan- Loy. Abhay Deol is just about OK but it is Preeti Desai and Lillete Dubey who gives an outstanding performances.

Overall, it is a weak film in all the merits. Poor 1/5

RoboCop (2014)
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Was expecting a lot from the new Robocop movie but I admit I am disappointed., 15 February 2014

Over the years, classics like Conan The Barbarian , Total Recall, Predator have been attempted to revamp the dying series. Robocop had potential to make it big but lame script and poor direction takes a toll on the film.

Robocop tells the story of brave cop Alex Murphy who is transformed into half robot - half machine after he meets with an attempted murder by local goons.

Directed by José Padilha, Robo Cop is probably one of most famous franchise of early 90's and I have been an ardent fan of the series. Naturally my expectation was sky-high and trailer added further curiosity to menu.After watching the movie, I was thoroughly disappointed. The story of the movie is tweaked but the substance is same. The movie begins with not-so great action sequences and director does not waste any time and comes to crux of the situation where Alex changes to Robot. The scenes in the lab and testing simulation action sequence is gratifying but the acceptance of Robocop as the hero of Detroit was not convincing. The second half drama of corruption in midst of Detroit police department was executed brilliantly. In fact till the climax, movie will hold your attention but ending was not powerful as I thought. Visual effects were good but not outstanding. Action sequences could have been better considering this is CGI driven film. Background score was repeated as that of the original which I loved. Joel Kinnaman played his part well but I liked Peter Weller more as cop in a machine. Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman were outstanding along with good support from Abbie Cornish. Overall, I was expecting a lot from the new Robocop movie but I admit I am little disappointed. Average 2.5/5

Her (2013)
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It feels great to watch a wonderful movie like HER. It is innovative, heart-warming and outstanding, 13 February 2014

With the evolution of technology, things have become easy and simple to use. So much is the usage of the device that you develop a relationship with it and think of it as your live-in partner.

HER tells the story of an isolated writer who is in the final stages of his divorce. To seek solace, he befriends an Operating System who almost becomes solution to his daily problems.

Directed by Spike Jonze, who gave us abrupt and yet well-made Being John Malkovich, delivers a solid film which is out-of-box and well- conceived. It would have been really challenging to create a character out of an OS and touch base with realistic voice and emotions. Hats off to Jonze for pulling all the strings together. Script is powerful and will keep you engaged. Special mention to innovative art direction and splendid cinematography with tuneful background score. Joaquin Phoenix gives his career best performance as Theodore Twombly. His portrayal of a lonely writer will certainly win him accolades. Scarlett Johansson was superb as voice of OS.

It feels great to watch a wonderful movie like HER. It is innovative, heart-warming and outstanding. Excellent 4/5

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