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Lousy direction , insensible screenplay and predictable boring story gives you a headache, 13 June 2015

Sometimes I wonder whether Bollywood prepares any script before directing any film. Spending so much on location, songs and dance would not give inception of a good film unless script is thoroughly worked upon.

Hamari Adhuri Kahaani tells the story of Vasudha(played by Vidya Balan) who is vehemently married to Hari(played by Rajkumar Rao). Enter the rich business tycoon, played by Emraan Hashmi, who falls for Vasudha with dark past.

Mohit Suri, who is credited with films like Woh Lamhe, Ashiqui 2 and Ek Villain, does not do justice to the area of direction this time. Written by Mahesh Bhatt, this one is coupled with lousy direction , insensible screenplay and predictable boring story gives you a headache which you never asked especially from actors like Vidya Balan and Rajkumar Rao, forget about Emraan Hashmi. The main drama unfolds in the later reel which again is intolerable with screenplay written by a school kid. Dialogues are over-top and amateur. Imagine a 5 year old kid say about his father "Papa sirf kaam karte hain... mere liye time kahan hain unke pass". Art direction and Cinematography is excellent. Songs are tuneful. Vidya Balan convinces you with her matured performances. Emraan Hashmi as usual is wooden in expression. Rajkumar Rao is wasted.

Overall, a pathetic film in every sense. Poor- 1/5

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Thought-provoking story of women in India, choose - Beauty Camp or Boot camp, 13 June 2015

With drastic change in the Indian Culture over the years, there has been sudden change in lifestyle of an Indian woman as well. Gone are the days when a girl's purpose of life was to get married and settle down with kids. Come 21st century, a female in the modernized India is aspiring and build her career path, Unfortunately, the rural India is still lingering under the shadows of hypocrisy and live within limited choices of life.

The World Before Her tells a contradicting story of 2 people - rustic and violent Prachi Trivedi who go to any extent to protect her religion and sweet and simple Ruhi Singh who breaks the barrier of common society thinking by participating in Miss India pageant.

Directed by Nisha Pahuja, The World Before Her is ground-reality and hair-raising 90 minutes drama which give you goosebumps. Pahuja has very well presented two parts of India - one who follows the old age customs whose empowerment, oppression and dignity is being utilized for political motives and the other part where parents are encouraging their child to pursue their dreams. It is perfectly blended with hard- hitting drama of different mindsets and depressing state of Insia. Screenplay does falter in the end. Editing is crispy. Hats-off to Art direction and cinematography. Background score gels well with the mood of the film.

Thought-provoking story of women in India, choose - Beauty Camp or Boot camp. Good 3/5

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Despite few hiccups, Dil Dhadakne Do should be watched for brilliant and convincing performance, 7 June 2015

The moment Dil Dhadakne Do trailer was unveiled, my joy knew no bound as I love Zoya Akhtar's cinema which has more realistic views of life whether it has story of struggling actor to tell in Luck By Chance or finding the purpose of life in Zindigi Na Milegi Dobara. Dil Dhadakne Do was almost there but only with its shares of flaws.

Dil Dhadakne Do tells the story of right to freedom in every relationship. Mehra family, celebrating their 30th anniversary on a cruise along with their children, discover about each other through various events and relationship which brings them more closer to each other.

Zoya Akhtar has an unique subject to tell which will only cater to niche audience as it talks about high socialite life style and does make mockery of their double-meaning life. She succeeds in bringing out humor in each character - A mother-in-law who always cribs about health issues, business rivals on the same boat and yet smiling at each other, a husband-wife distorted relationship. The various aspect of human relationship is narrated through eyes of animal - Dog. Hats off to her and writer Reema Kagti for being more practical and realistic rather being glossy and flashy. Art direction is marvelous along with eye catching cinematography. Background score is not as great as ZNMD. Editing is bad. The film could easily be trimmed down by another 20 mins to make it more impacting. Dialogues are punching. Screenplay loses the steam in the second half. Despite these insignificant parts, it is the performance of the entire star cast who raises the bar of acting and delivers a knockout acting. Anil Kapoor , Shefali Shetty , Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh are just brilliant and core to the natural performance. Farhan Akhtar , Rahul Bose and Anuhska Sharma provide adequate support. Music by Shankar Eshaan Loy is passable with "Gallan Goodiyan" song choreographed brilliantly.

Overall, Dil Dhadakne Do should be watched for brilliant and convincing performance !! Good 3/5

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if you are looking for a nice romantic date with your partner, you might choose The Age Of Adaline for a perfect evening, 5 June 2015

Life is unpredictable and then life will turn upside down when you meet you the right person and will feel like staying in safe haven with the person closest to you. The Age Of Adaline is a romantic–drama embedded with strong performances and engaging script.

The Age Of Adaline tells the story of Adaline, born at the beginning of 20th Century, meets with an accident which renders her ageless forever. Life turns when she meets a young handsome man who changes her eternal life forever.

The Age of Adaline has everything going in its favor -crispy narration with wonderful cinematography, the subtle background score and gorgeous Blake Lively putting in right expression. Lee Toland Krieger is a director and writer, known for The Viciouss Kind (2009) and Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012) gives a refreshing romantic drama that has wonderful moments to lighten your mood. Couple of scenes do stand out from the film – the scene between Adaline and Ellis in the open theater , the climax scene , coupled with soothing background score definitely makes the film worth watching . Screenplay is decent. Editing could have been better. Cinematography is splendid grabbing the exotic location. Performances by Blake Lively is outstanding. She gets her right expression with each scene. Michiel Huisman is good. Harrison Ford is the usual dependent.

So, if you are looking for a nice romantic date with your partner, you might choose The Age Of Adaline for a perfect evening. Good 3/5

Triangle (2009)
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A good and daring attempt which could have been better handled., 3 June 2015

Mystery movies are exciting to watch as it offers what-will-happen-next charisma coupled with sudden twist in the end. I was traversing through different section of mystery movies, when I came across Triangle released in 2009. I would say Triangle holds your attention till the end but is strictly one-time watch.

Strange events occurs to the passengers of an yacht when they board a desolated ship due to mysterious weather condition only to witness greater havoc on board.

Newbie director Christopher Smith chooses an unconventional script and story to tell and partly succeeds. The movie initiates with weird dream encountered by the protagonist which actually has a story behind. The interesting part begins when the passengers boards the ship and each one is murdered ruthlessly. Here the movie embarks on a different note and will keep you tight. The second half is good but not great when the actual twist is revealed which could be appropriately handled. Nevertheless, the film does have enough charm to engage you. Art direction and cinematography is fine. Background score is good. Performances wise, Meliissa George is passable.

Overall, a good and daring attempt which could have been better handled. Decent 2.75 /5

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Golden opportunity gone wasted !! Highly disappointing, 31 May 2015

Murder mystery movies are delight to watch as it creates aroma of curiosity, excitement and what-will- happen-next environment. But if the movie unravels the mystery early , it will spoil the mood in the next half. Same thing happened to Dibaker Banerjee's Detective Byomkesh Bakshi which reaches the goal but tumbles down the rabbit hole hereafter.

The story of a detective called Byomkesh Bakshi in the time of war- ridden Calcutta, solving a murder mystery that might lead to the truth.

Dibaker Banerjee, the man behind classics like Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Love Sex Aur Dokha and Shanghai, goes back to old charm of probably the most famous detective character Byomkesh Bakshi but disappoints big time. The movie begins with beautiful depiction of the busy street of Calcutta in the pre- independence period and utmost sincere effort to the art direction and classic cinematography. The story rolls out with a murder in a guest house and Byomkesh Bakshi entering the scene. The clues leading to the murder mystery in each scene is right and syncs well with case. However, the twist is revealed too early just before the interval which spoils the mood and the screenplay becomes messy hereafter. The reason behind the murder is described in the second half but does not have any lasting impact. For e.g, Kahaani, belonging to the same genre, had a fantastic impact which will take the audience back to the beginning and creates a surprise package which is clearly missing in this film. Also, Sushant Singh Rajput as Byomkesh Bakshi is not convincing. The actor fumbles( not sure why he does in every film) and is less mature to take up the role of legendary character as Rajat Kapoor does in the TV series of Byomkesh Bakshi directed by Basu Chatterjee. Anand Tiwari as Ajith is good. The only silver lining in this film is marvelous acting by Neeraj Kabi. The actor is expressive and performs with a ease. I loved him as Dr. Guha.

Overall, being an ardent of legendary character, I was disappointed with this one. Watch it only if you like dark-thriller and have not seen the TV series before. Decent 2.75/5

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All hail the queen of hearts - Kangana Raunat !!! She is mind blowing and electrifying .., 23 May 2015

It is heartening to see women centric films doing well in Bollywood - Kahaani , English Vinglish, Queen, NH10 and now Tanu Weds Manu Returns adding extra charm to the genre. It is bigger and better than the original.

It has been 4 years of marriage between Tanu and Manu and all is not going well between them which forces them to part ways. Going through turmoil, Manu finds solace in look-a-like of Tanu, Kusum. As he is about to marry Kusum, Tanu returns back leading to the confusion.

From the director of Tanu Weds Manu and Raanjhanna, Anand Rai L goes one step further in Tanu Weds Manu Returns and gives you a sensational film. The plot is a simple and predictable love story but it is the handling of subject with aplomb and sensational performance with well-written screenplay that will keep glued on to the screen till the end. The movie begins in flashback mode narrating the story from the first part and is fun to watch the 1st half which is a laugh riot. The 2nd half is a typical love triangle which is predictable with occasional speed bumps but it is the charm of each character that brings life to each moment in the film. Hats off to Anand R. Lai for defining colourful characters with strong presence. Cinematography is outstanding. Background score gels well with the mood of the film. Editing adds crispiness to the pace. Music by Rdb and Krsna Solo mixes the Indian folk song with urban touch and you will love every bit of it especially "Banno". Tanu Weds Manu Returns belongs to queen of hearts - Kangana Raunat. The supremely talented actress is mind blowing and is as charming and daring as both Kusum/Tanu. Watch for her when she introduces herself as Kusum in Haryani language. Deepak Dobriyal will tickle your funny bones with his antic acts. R. Madhavan is wonderful as emotional stressed out husband. Other actors does justice to their role.

Tanu Weds Manu Return has everything going in its favor - Brilliant direction, Strong performances and foot-tapping music. Highly recommended. Exceptional 4.75/5

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What a lovely film !!!, 21 May 2015

One thing I noted while watching Mad Max: Fury Road was its simple story told with fascinating execution and commendable action scenes, and that is the beauty of this film which was over-stretched in the climax but was saved by outstanding script.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a follow-up to the hugely popular Mad Max series in which Mad Max is captured by cult leader Immortan Joe. He gets the chance to runaway when Joe's imperator Furiosa rescues wives imprisoned to Joe.

It has been 30 years since George Miller directed the high-octane Mad Max series and he switched to kid flicks like Happy feet and Babe. Probably the inseparable love brought him back to the popular franchises and he gave his best as both director and writer. The opening scene is probably one of the best scene with well-executed chasing scene will take away your breath away. The story unfolds showing the desperate post-apocalyptic phase with weird and crazy characters you would not even imagine in your life. Once the action rolls out, there is no turning back. This is probably nerve- breaking , ears splitting and eventful action stunts which is jaw dropping. Hats off to both action director , stylish camera work and astounding art direction capturing the rough and tough terrain of Namibia Desert. Screenplay is engaging and will not let you blink for a second. Charlize Theron carries the film on her shoulder. She is indeed amazing and will be loved for her tough role. Tom hardy as Max is wasted. An actor of his caliber should have better characterized. Nicholas Hoult was surprisingly good.

A kick-ass action which will pump up your adrenalin. Astounding 4.5/5

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A golden opportunity gone wasted and mowed by weak script, 16 May 2015

Who would have thought that darling of hard-hitting cinemas would do a big-budget, glossy and high-profile starer Bombay Velvet ? Anurag Kashyap could have crafted it better but unfortunately was mowed down by weak direction and sagging script.

Bombay Velvet talks about a simple man Johnny Balraj with big dreams who would go to any extent to become a big shot.

Now , I have been a big fan of Kashyaps's cinema right from "The Last Train to Mahakali", "Black Firday", Gangs of Wasseypur" to "Ugly" and was expecting the same this time. To my surprise, I was thoroughly disappointed with this film. Even though Kashyap had wonderful story to tell, but the lethargic pace and superficial drama could not salvage the film from falling into the pit. Whenever Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma meets, the conversation seems so over the top and loud. To make the matter worst, Karan Johar's villainous act will irritate so much that you wish he was better hosting the award and reality show as judge. Never the less , the film is full of loopholes and boring drama which sometimes makes you scratch your hair. High hopes from Amit Trivedi's score came tumbling down. Cinematography is eye-catching with fantastic efforts made to the set to re-create the 1960s of Bombay culture. I like the fantastic art direction and good CGI recreating the early Bombay so beautifully and ecstatically. Background score is hopeless and so is performances. The film boast of some talents like Kay Kay Menon , Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma but none of them were convincing.

So , overall , a golden opportunity gone wasted . Rather than concentrating on technical aspects of the film , Anurag Kashyap should have made sincere efforts in the direction and screenplay area. Disappointing: 1.5 / 5

Ex Machina (2015)
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Ex-Machina is stylish and visually polished piece of work with dazzling performances, 15 May 2015

Now this movie is one of a hell of its kind. The trailer was alluring that it should have been your watchlist for this year. Ex-Machina does well in grabbing your attention right from the beginning till the end and that is the beauty of the powerful script.

A advance programmer is selected by an eccentric genius to perform classical turing test of artificial intelligence on a humanoid robot, AVA. If the test passes, it will be the first break-through in the history of AI.

First time director, Alex Garland , who has been a novelist of several critically acclaimed films like 28 Days Later and The Beach , is also credited as a writer for this film. The debutant director will surprise you with a flawless script which is tight and crispy and will keep you at bay. The direction is impeccable and strives for excellence in each scene. The movie rolls out with a slow and steady pace unraveling the mystery as you go deep inside the story. It does raise the question of right and wrong for a humanoid robot who is progrmmatically embedded to think like a human being. The movie is shot at the exotic locations capturing the minute details of beautiful landscape of Norway. Art direction is spellbinding. Background score is soothing. Performances by the leads- Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander is enriching and applauding.

Ex-Machina is stylish and visually polished piece of work with dazzling performances. Excellent 4.5/5

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