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This is just predictable, formula drivel. In the Scifi category it doesn't even come close to being as good as Fringe, which is wonderful., 16 February 2010

Past Life is just predictable, formula drivel. It's basically just another cop show. It does not favorably compare with Fringe which I think is fantastic! The acting in Past Life is OK but again does not compare with the incomparable John Noble of Fringe. A much more interesting approach to this would have been to develop story lines based on the work of Ian Stevenson. He studied the reports of children who began talking about their past lives as soon as they were old enough to talk. Also, it would be great if they could find some better actors. The ones they have now are just mediocre. The program won't work if they continue to follow the formula of young person troubled by past life intrusions on their current life consciousness. The subject is invariable connected to a murder that the psychologist and a cop solve handily. Ho! Hum!