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Patty Duke, 18 August 2007

Although Patty Duke was a bit over the top here, I kept thinking how absolutely perfect she would have been in a biopic of Janis Joplin! The woman can act her heart out and she looks quite a bit like Janis. It would have been a 20-hankie reeler for sure. If you are a Janis Joplin fan, don't miss the Dick Cavett Show Rock Icons DVD set.

I thought the film was OK, but this is one case where the book is definitely better. I wouldn't watch it again (but hey, I'm a straight woman) but I look forward to seeing Roger Ebert's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. ETA: BVD--what dreck! As a big admirer of Ebert, I was sorely disappointed in the whole awful thing. Not even amusingly awful camp.

Fearless (2006)
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Worth watching even if you hate fight movies., 8 August 2007

Not being a fan of the kung fu genre, I watched this because I like Jet Li. For me, some the fight scenes were too long or too CGI'd. I especially detest enhanced metal-on-metal sounds and had to mute and/or fast forward through some of those scenes. After about a half hour of almost non-stop very lonnng fight scenes, I almost gave up; but I;' glad I didn't, because the rest of the movie was very worth watching. I wondered at the historical accuracy of some of it. For example, would there really be an all-girl drumming team in ca. 1905 China? Would there be female students at the sports school? Women were very important to the story, as they are in real life, and I appreciated that. Beautiful cinematography. look forward to seeing Li in his future non-martial arts films.

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Don't miss Chaliapin's singing!, 21 August 2006

Having only once attempted unsuccessfully to slog my way through the Peter O'Toole version of "Man of la Mancha," I was unfamiliar the plot of Don Quixote. I discovered this film at, a nice resource of free films. Even with the poor visual and sound quality of that site, this movie shines. Chaliapin and Robey are wonderful. (BTW, when another commenter refers to "Sancho caressing his ass in tears," he means his donkey.) Chaliapin's beautifully rich voice is matched by his acting, and he brings the full range of emotion to his role. It's a shame that this is the only film he sings in. There is much comedy and pathos here and it's beautifully directed. Highly recommended!

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Historically interesting film, 19 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*SPOILERS* Syphilis was the AIDS of its day (its day being several centuries), a death sentence, slow and horrifyingly debilitating, and passed to loved ones and children. Penicillin changed that, but at the time of this film I think arsenic was the only cure, and iffy at that, with risk of death. {See "Out of Africa."}

Not well written or acted, but historically interesting. They couldn't say "syphilis" but managed to get "venereal disease" and "syphilitic" past the censors. I also found it very interesting that an obviously part-African woman, Diane Sinclair, played a wealthy white woman who marries a white man! Since this was of course absolutely unheard of, I can only guess that the fact she was foreign allowed her to be viewed as exotic, and perhaps Indian rather than black. She would have been a good candidate to play Peola in "Imitation of Life"; but Fredi Washington was a far better actress.

Curly Sue (1991)
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Curly EWWWWW, 29 July 2005

It's hard to believe people actually LIKE this dreck! I do think kids can enjoy it, but to me it's the kind of kid film parents can't bear to sit through. Predictable plot, boring Belushi, and possibly the worst kid actor of all time. I will give the director some of the responsibility for the kid, but she was truly painful to watch. I feel embarrassed for her now, having people know it was her. When she sang the Star Spangled Banner I had to turn the sound off--then I came here and discovered they did that because she won Star Search. I've always felt Jim Belushi should be ashamed to trade on the name of his wonderful, sadly missed brother, and this crap shows why. Zero stars.

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There IS a good film on this topic, but it ain't this one, 17 January 2005

The most enjoyable scene in this film is the one which has the least plot value: grandmother and her friend in the taxi. That was a delight. Too bad it came so early in the film; something like it was sorely needed after the halfway point to keep us from contemplating suicide. Oh, this film is T-E-D-I-O-U-S! Watson and especially Lukas are wonderful; the story is important; the message is clear. But I agree with everyone else--what a horrible way to get it across! And the children. Were any three kids ever less kid-like?! My own review would itself be less tedious if not for IMDb's 10-line-minimum requirement; time to end that silliness, in my opinion. For an involving, well-written, historically fascinating anti-isolationist film, do not miss The Mortal Storm (1940).

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Cher?!?!, 10 November 2003

Is it really true that Cher is to star in a remake? Good lord, the woman is so stretched and botoxed she can't even smile!! A woman devoid of facial expression playing one of the most expressive characters in film history? I don't think so. (Have you seen her on "So Graham Norton"? Yikes! Loved her in "Moonstruck" though.) I feel rather sorry for Cher here, because no one, NO ONE can ever be Auntie Mame but Roz. And you don't have to have been raised on this film and seen it dozens of times, like me, to feel that way; one viewing will do it. "Auntie Mame" has more 10's in the voting box than any other film I've ever seen. There's a reason for that--it's pure magic!

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Delightful in spots., 29 October 2003

I agree with most of the other comments that this is an enjoyable but not very noteworthy film. Keeler was surprisingly dull here; she should have stuck to musicals. What I really enjoyed, though, were some scenes with the little boy. The director simply turned him loose with some very well-chosen props and let the camera roll. The results are a child being a child--curious, mischievous, determined--and a very charming and unusual addition to the film they prove to be! The wallpaper scene is priceless.

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Absolute dreck!, 19 October 2003

Considering the prodigious talent involved, possibly the worst musical of all time. This embarrassing mess underscores the importance of good writing in places where we might not think about its relevance, such as a musical. Plus the choreography is boring and the songs are awful. I thought it was going to be redeemed by the homely girl getting a guy, but noooo. The costumes were nice, but otherwise a complete waste of a wonderful cast!

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Tab Hunter AND Frankie Avalon?!, 7 September 2003

When I saw this in the cable listings, I thought, 'OMG, Tab Hunter AND Frankie Avalon in the same *serious* war movie?!' I just had to watch it. I was going to give it a few minutes till I read BrunoCat's amusing review and decided to slog through the whole thing. A mini-time capsule of a sad era in Hollywood, when actors' kids and slack-jawed pretty boys kept talented actors out of work. The double-digit IQ fairly oozes from poor Michael Dante's pores. This is the time when Sinatra's ultra cool Vegas persona was in full swing, and an attempt is made to fit Frankie into this mold. Fuhgedaboudit! Only the divine Bobby Darin could do that, and he out-cooled Sinatra most of the time. I still miss him! Another historical aspect is the view of women: the sexy/gorgeous ones are for sex, the wholesome/pretty ones for love, and the non-white ones can be sort of loved but mostly coerced, as their true purpose is to sacrifice for the white lover's success. Sadly this is still a frequent theme; "El Mariachi" (1992) comes to mind. Anyway, I agree with BrunoCat: this is something you've never seen before and should watch just for the experience!

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