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Vampire-tastic!, 6 June 2009

OK so i just finished this pilot-it was awesome and i have high hopes for the series. I have not read the books but have heard of them and love everything vampires and this show does not disappoint. Well cast, looks expensive, legit 'this is how teens talk' dialogue. This is the age old vampire story: dark brooding vampire meets young human girl. Same story as twilight except these teens drink and have sex. Kevin Williamson is able to balance the tension of the story with humor and irony. All of the characters are good looking and can deliver the snappy dialogue with ease. Even the cheesier elements (see: fog) don't take themselves too seriously. If you like true blood, twilight and loved buffy then you should all watch this show (mostly so that i can see the second episode!!)

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Oohooh baby, ooh baby...heeeyy baby hey baby, 7 November 2007

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enough said. oh i guess they make me write more for this, but really u can just fast forward to the part where demon is in the outhouse singing "ooh baby" with his lady friend and then turn the movie off. this is a truly amazing moment. the rest sucks, but i give it a ten just for those 3 minutes. its hard to write ten words about this movie much less ten lines but i guess the other good part is the little kid reggie. hes funny. and i like his little red jumpsuit. but mostly this movie just has super stupid scenes followed by lame-oh killings. and "jason" isn't really scary at all. he looks like if you took his mask off john tesh would be under there. ummm lets see what else...pam is kinda cool at the end with the chainsaw, and i was sad that reggie's grandpa died, jeez IMDb! i might as well just write the treatment at this rate, i just wanted to tell the world about ooh sue me!!!!

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steve is my hero, 10 February 2007

This is an incredible documentary, and as with most great documentaries the story arises as the filming happens; it is not preconceived. The film starts out as a story about a battle between two gamers who each want to hold the donkey kong high score records, but what it turns into is a story about man vs. the empire(and not in a star wars sense). It is a story about how who you know is always everything and how much harder an everyman must work to make it in a world of networks. The story of these people, especially steve's, are really inspiring and you find yourself feeling all of the twists and turns of the film along with the characters. A truly wonderful film about human beings not just donkey kong.

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i wish i could find some jeans like those..., 14 November 2006

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where do i even begin? this movie, beyond making me pee in my pants from fear, made me question the very roots of humanity. wherever the beautiful christy is now i wish she would come out of hiding and fix all our problems. From the moment the movie begins, you know you're in for something special. between the odd, out of place gore and the gratuitous sex scenes, it was hard to keep in mind the underlying struggle of finding out your stepdad wants to murder your mom. i mean, c'mon, we've all been there. after christy's best friend is gruesomely ran over, i cried when i heard the doctor say, your daughter is dead, until i realized it was the only way to get christy in bed with her dead best friends ex boyfriend. then, how could i cry when such joy was born of her death? wow. all in all this movie left me wondering why anyone ever tried to make a movie again after seeing this one. as the old saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Teen Witch (1989)
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Where are all the chairs?, 22 April 2006

"Louise, i brought your morning pa-pa', i took the liberty of ironing your home-work'!" Ahh... the immortal words of Louise's crazy looking little brother, what an amazing leap for the world of cinema. I am in awe each time i watch this dazzling film. Be it the A-mazing rap sequence or just the HI-larious teacher in the car wash/voodoo doll sequence i cannot get enough of teen witch...but i must say the only flaw in the film is the incredible standard that all of my boyfriends have been held to since the scene in the abandoned house where Brad stands in his tank top daring Louise to "catch" him. well what can i say. this is a no-brainer, peace out dudes.