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These are the best coming-of-age teen films ever. These films show the scary, the funny, and the crazy times of being a teenager.
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Feel free to suggest. You don't like something, tell me. Best at top
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Hey, I'm a teenager (necessary?) and here is a list of fun films me and my friends - boys and girls (necessary?) - have watched and enjoyed together.

Every Friday I host an unofficial movie night and we watch these films. Most contain raunchy comedy, graphic violence, & scares. We kind of like stupid movies.

Got any suggestions?
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Here are the films I am interested in seeing soon. Doesn't mean I'm saying they will be the greatest movies ever, but I will be interested in seeing them.

Tell me some others you are pumped to see.
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These are the films that are laughably horrible
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Feel free to suggest; I will add.

And Yes... Best at the top
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These are actors who crossed over to music or musicians who crossed over to acting the most respectively. Some of them you may not of known they had albums, but trust me. Google them.
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These are the saddest movies to hit the big screen
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In order
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Forget Stallone, Seagal, and Eastwood... we need today. Here are the biggest action stars anyone could ask for now.
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Here are the actors who don't get the roles and respect they deserve and are looked over by many people.