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Spike Jonze's marvelously plotted HER just barely missed out, as did Eran Creevy's slick action thriller WELCOME TO THE PUNCH and Ramin Bahrani's underrated drama AT ANY PRICE. As far as big studio pictures went, 2 GUNS was the most fun; Gore Verbinski's THE LONE RANGER had more than its fair share of problems, but was still leagues better than any of the year's summer tentpoles.

The worst film of the year was undoubtedly A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD; never has a more repulsive creation been committed to celluloid, but the summer magician caper NOW YOU SEE ME came pretty damn close. Most of the year's big tentpoles were pretty forgettable but ELYSIUM will probably go down as the most infuriating. Beyond that, Ridley Scott's ambitious THE COUNSELOR failed as spectacularly as any in recent memory, and the prize for the flat out ugliest film of the year goes to Jeff Wadlow's abysmal KICK-ASS 2.
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Honorable Mention: Ruby Sparks, Alps, Amour, Sound of My Voice, The Queen of Versailles, The Invisible War, Shadow Dancer, In Another Country, Safe.
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In progress. Some people consider The Night of the Hunter noir, but as magnificent as that movie is, it cannot be wholeheartedly described as film noir.
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I'll probably trash your favorite movie.
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(Revised) It was a rough year at the movies. Coming off a strong 2010, my expectations might have been high, but I barely had ten films for a list (last year I had 15). However, they're all very much deserving, and more or less in order.
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All the feature-length films I've seen in April.
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All the feature-length films I've seen in March. I also saw Oliver Stone's Looking for Fidel, but IMDB doesn't seem to have it listed.
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All the feature length films I've seen this month.
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It was a pretty "meh" year at the pictures. There were a bunch of films that should have been better but weren't quite bad enough for this list, such as Martha Marcy May Marlene, Sleeping Beauty (not the Breillat one), Tintin, and Melancholia.
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In a good year for movies, these are my personal favorites.
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Most or all are going to be released in the next year or so.
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Films seen in April 2011.
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Films seen in March of 2011.
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A list of films I've had the opportunity to see for the first time in February 2011, plus my opinions.
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A few directors who have consistently created films that I love and admire.
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Films (new to me) I have seen in January 2011, plus my grade for each film.
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These are not my actual predictions for the Oscars, but simply five performances that need to be recognized.
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These are the films I expected to be great, or the films that a good deal of people liked, aand turned out to be total *beep* Obviously, I didn't expect much from "Jonah Hex" or "Grown Ups", thus they do not make this list.
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A few words on the twenty best films of the last twenty years.