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Confidence (2003)
Messy work boys!, 7 September 2004

I can't say where this film lost itself, but I can say it did. Takes a few good character actors to prove a good group of cons with eyes for the challenged gold. Burns, Giamatti, Weisz, and Hoffman all do well together. Little interest builds as a young sizzler(Burns) has one of his biggest cases yet, so he pulls in a beautiful pawn(Weisz) to give a little balance and steam. The plan is being well executed by his pals, Van Holt, Giamatti, and others, with sleazy tap-talk by Hoffman, completely hilarious. Just when we all think it is safe to say the best is coming, something goes wrong, there is always something wrong. Someone doesn't pay, money is lost, something. After wrong turns and inefficient work, things get messy. Betrayal and blackmail become the order of the evening, and the rest is all up to the first three weeks! Next time the con artists have dirty work, they should keep it more clean, with brains splattered on the ground, and a heart ripped out! I can't say I fully enjoyed it, but I can't say I hated it, I can only say its interesting.

Paparazzi (2004)
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I am still trying to get my money, knowledge, and time back!, 6 September 2004

The next time that Mel Gibson wants to let his youngest child write a script, could he please let us know ahead of time! This piece of crap was pathetic! I was appalled, very appalled! I expected this one to be the only film of the weekend to have something, that little something that other films do NOT have in this day and age. I was, again, disappointed by the films of today, of how they really suck,and there is just nothing more to say. This was so amateur, and childish, not to mention unrealistic! I am so sure that adults act like a bunch a jerks to each other. I know that there are some people around that have a few idiotic flaws, heck, we all know a few of em, but this film! So unspeakably awful in dialogue, and a terrible case of overacting, except Robin Tunney, who underacts, with good reason! Cole Hauser is a famed celebrity, who learns that his new success, has a bad future when a bunch of stupid sleazy camera-happy freaks come a knockin! Cole Hauser does not know where he is, Tom Sizemore is the next Faye Dunaway, and poor Robin Tunney is wasted away! The next problem is the fact that this film bares too much resemblance to old crappy cult flicks!(I spit on your grave) I still want my money back, days later after watching this muck! After all this, the next problem is the predictability! This film is so predictable, a baby can read the next scene before it happens! and all so fast before you can blink, the film ends! HA! I hated this film!

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Indeed, a second massacre on the rampage!, 25 August 2004

The answer to who the movie really centers on, is not as simple as could be sounded. This nice little sequel (thats right! a GOOD sequel), the attention could easily be said to circle around Williamss' Stretch, but Dennis Hopper gets the only billing. One "normal" day in Texas, two naughty little highschool brats decide to have fun, by calling in a radio station(hosted by an enthusiastic Williams) and play chicken with other texans, they think. Later, these angered Texans turn out to be, uh huh! Ya, we all know who, as they attack the little brats one dark night following the earlier prank. Williams "Stretch" catches all of this gore galore on tape, and exposes it on her show as a favor for Hopper. Hopper has underacted character who's revenge for the massacre and torture of his nephew and niece (Sally and Franklin from the first) is somewhat unconvincible to an extent, but he has better moments. Williams, on the other hand, is very into her character and obviously takes it to the next level, with some hammy moments resaulting. Still, after she exposes the missing Saw-yer family-she is next! Pretty scary stuff. Nice little set-up puts her in an awfully creepy confrontation with Moseleys' Chop-Top". Then the real terror begins. This one could easily be said to have been just a little more expanded than the first, and I certainly say so. I do, however, put the first one on a higher stand, nothing will ever beat the original nightmare, which still scares to this day. Though Massacre 2 has its real moments of both horror and comedy, it drags in the last real, and won't give up! Tobe Hooper must have worked em all with this one, but its all the same a great fun movie. To say it is bad, would be too harsh, I definitely give this one a thumbs up, and ya know what? I'm not the only one!

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I needed a drink after this one!, 21 August 2004

Hooper certainly went for a real bargain when he felt the need to express himself on this one! I was excited to view this one years ago, after hearing much praise. They all could not have been more right, but so underspoken. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can prepare you for this one. It was made for the real shocks, and delivers em. With the famous gore that enters through out the film, the scares are the most genuine, as they happen slowly at the opening, and then boom at you in the last real. Tobe Hooper has definitely made the ultimate horror classic when this one was made. His opening will always give me the nightmarish feel when that camera sound goes off, exposing the skeleton.

TOTALLY CREEPY! Next, the rural setting, outstanding, with eerie sounds. In the middle of nowhere, and something, or someone is watching! AHHH! This little film about five college kids going through the norm, to an all of a sudden train ride to hell! Once Burns is captured by the "family", the insanity starts and continues to the end!!! The tied-to-the-dead body thing, the grampa-pound-the - head thing! I was going crazy trying to stay sane while the ending was concluding! OUCH! This one calls for a drink afterwards! Seriously! An instant classic! If you don't like it, YOU are the one with the problem!

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Men, Women, Morals, Sex, Irony, and HELEN!, 17 August 2004

This one says it all in the title. Seeing Other People. What else can I say about the story? The title says everything. Two people, a couple, Mohr and

Nicholson have every reason to celebrate their wedding in two months, when cold feet kick them, and the race is on to gain the knowledge and power to master the one thing most men and women fret over before marriage. Sex. What this film does, and no other has attempted, at least in a long time, is ask numerous questions on the way to the conclusion. Filled with the most colorful cast of characters, and actors. Mohr and Nicholson shine as the main stars, with emotional imbalances around them...their friends. Mohr has the guys around him. Richter, and Charles. Charles is predictably sex-crazed moron encouraging the game of sex. Andy Richter is quite appealing as the conscience with a good moral. Love. Definitely good for the Mohr character, as he himself is a good man, before the addiction falls into play. As friends try to persuade the ambitious couple to either play, or stay, the twisted game of run-around gets intensely with emotional catching ups with Mohr and Nicholson. Richter is the

one with the morals, and the brains, once Mohr falls for the addiction, of course. He eventually find love with an incredible Helen Slater-who steals the whole

film every time she gets on screen! The film also grows intimately serious when Slater and Richter take over. Helen Slaters first theatrical performance in 10 years is indeed a pleasable one! All praise Helen!...

Anyhow, back to the film. The two anxious wire-heads learn their lessons in authentic ways, leaving the rest up to the audience to know what it all means in the end, but we do. The movie goes to show that love is just a little bit

dangerous, and always unpredictable. A 10/10 for this one, got me laughing all the way through, from beginning to end! YAY for "Seeing Other People"! Wish it was a bigger release of a film, it deserves to be noticed! WELCOME BACK


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Informative, very interesting., 16 August 2004

Nice little show is very informative about battles of long ago, and the way in which they were performed, or fought. Matthew Settle is the best thing about it for his career in the business is growing rapidly. As for the show, the people really have all the facts down, and that is a nice thing to know. Little detailed facts on positions, lining, and marches are interesting, all the way down to the very smallest of details, and Settle couldn't be more enthusiastic about historical figures, and locations. All in all, thirty minutes of time will not be wasted by this one, very interesting and informative, give it a try, you might find it enlightening.

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"I'm all at sea when it comes to things...nautical", 11 August 2004

No doubt about it! "Cutthroat Island" is definitely the best pirate movie ever! I have enjoyed this one much more than any other certain Spielberg or Stone film ever, within reason! So much action, so much artistic use! The first thing I MUST mention is the score by John Debney. The swashbuckler suites contain the most effective notes and chords ever! The score is arguably on the the best in the twentieth century. Next, Geena Davis, I mean, honestly, the most knock-em- around gal I have ever seen in this sort of film! Davis, having strong outlook from "Thelma & Louise" is an all out butt-kicking pirate-babe! Out to search for a family treasure, or more, a stolen family treasure, but first, she must beat Uncle Dog (Frank Langella) with the help of a fraudish slave (Matthew Modine). The acting is old-fashionably outlandish, and often fierce, but this IS a pirate one ever fight more hard for pride. Co-stars are just as well spoken the same , Patrick Malihide is predictably traditional villain as the Gov. out to seize the Pirates. The way the film was put together, is breath-taking!

From a fast-paced horse riding over lands and masses of water with an occasional fight or two, in glorious 2.35.1 aspect ratio. We then are taken to the waters of Jamaica and elsewhere to this adventures heart-racing finale! The witty dialogue, and quirky plot lines also make this one fun to savor until the last minute! No reason why this film suffered the beating it took, now, I only hope more people will see the great adventure that lost its treasure in the box-office to the exceeding grouchiness of the world, and its viewing delight! A perfect 10/10!

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Extreme Close Up: The Barker Family, 9 August 2004

This was definitely an exploitation film through and through! Shelly Winters and a supporting cast of a-list actors, and an unknown Bobby De Niro, taking girls, and men, killing, trashing, raping, kidnapping, and torture! Definitely worth the time, if you don't mind the subject matter. Here we are getting an in-depth look at the Barker family, led by a crazy Winters. We are introduced to these, "people" as a family, but they behave more on the line of animals. Early on, chances split the loving team up, in several different ways, but always, a family sticks together by and by. The family allow a few newbies into the team, a whore, and a homosexual jailmate. This equals chaos, and not the good sense for dearest mommie Winters. Slowly the psych of the whole gang is driven to madness and rage! They always said the truth hurts, and in this case, it really does. I don't know if Corman was going for shock or laughs, but he delivers both, and, I think, in the appropriate times too. Be it psychological, or just plain rage, this one takes it to the very end, or goes for decide!

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Good fun, with morals and plot., 21 July 2004

This one totally struck me as to be a hell of a good choice, knowing that Jeremy Piven was to be a star in it. As I waited impatiently for weeks, I could not help but wonder if I would actually like it...and I did. I was completely won over by it! All the serious situations about career moves, and friendship dealings! What is better than that. These rather pleasant men have the usual lust for women, and power, but also know that they have each other as well, and so far, that is all they need. I am not one to watch much of the TV shows HBO puts out, but this one has definitely gotten my attention, and thus so, I shall watch more of it. I am proud to say that there is now an HBO show I can watch and enjoy. Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven shine above the rest at certain moments with their wit and sarcasm. The two actors have terrific timing, so does the rest of the cast. All in all, this one has a true fan in me, and I hope others too.

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Quite simply...stupid., 20 July 2004

I don't know why people have said this to be a surprising and great film! I thought nothing of the sort. For starters, there was nothing interesting to say about Nicole Kidman, she simply cannot act. Next, Tom Cruise needs to stop acting as well, because he is just not believable anymore. Why did Kubrick intend on making films which lack any sense of style, and point? We do not need a film such as this, to take us in one direction, hit us to another, and then bring both paths together to make a point which was pretty lame to begin with! I see nothing interesting about this. Eyes, are more wide crossed, and confused. No need for Kubrick anymore, and its for the best he is gone. He never had any direction, but confusion.

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